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  1. One of my plants is starting to show slight signs of having problems. The seed leaves and first two true leaves are starting to yellow, brown, and curl. I'm not sure if this is normal for the seed leaves? Pretty sure it isn't for the other two. Can someone help me out? Should I start feeding now? Is this a problem with the plant not getting enough nutrients?

    Sorry if this is a total noob question, I just wanted to take care of it before it turns into something drastic. My plants are around 3.5 weeks from seed. I water whenever the soil seems dry, so every 3-5 days. I mist the topsoil everyday because I've had trouble with the soil becoming too dry, but I do not mist the leaves, so I don't think it's burns from the light. Thanks in advance!

  2. Plant looks like its stretching some but that might be from the extreme close up. If it is means your light is to far away. A plant will try to get to a light source.

    Anyhow other then some tips turning color plant looks good. Just wait some. Various Cannabis issues can be hard to determine and alot of the times the fix makes it worse.

    Also be calm...its your plant so you detail it like crazy but its a plant. Plants are like humans no two are alike. Leaves will fall off here or there, some stuff will turn brown etc.

    Watering is pretty easy. Pick up the pot if its heavy dont water, if its light water. Theres no reason to mist all that mist is doing is making the top look visually wet to make you feel better. Whats under is still dry. If your having to water every 3 days its fine. Towards the end of a grow I always end up having to water every single day almost. Plant gets big sucks alot of water, and my grow lamp evaporates the water, and the fan doesn't help keep moisture in.

    At the point your at. I would add some nutes once a week 25% of what they recommend and work your way up each week.

    Anyhow plant looks fine at least to me.
  3. i would not use that medium in the 1st place.
  4. Plant is defiantly stretching! Lower your light!!
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    The tops of the plants are literally about an inch away from the lights. There is no way I could put them closer without them actually touching the bulbs. Early on they were quite far away, so I know they were stretching in the beginning, however I have remedied that as best I could.

    I actually am noticing more leaves browning/yellowing and it is happening on one of the leaves in the middle as well as on the tips. I'm getting more concerned...
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    good to hear!

    not so good to hear!

    it's a little hard for us to determine what the issue is from the pics...looks like a couple leaves' tips got burned, possibly from nutes or the soil...the issue you're having now could be anything....temps, h2o quality and ph (even though you're not feeding nutes, ph at that stage still matters), the soil may have something in it like time release, or maybe even just the soil itself, over or under watering like mr. RR mentioned.

    and tips burning/turning yellow/brown and dying off is usually a sign of nute burn I believe....

    yeah, it is...

    on that page hit "ctrl+f" to search it, and search

    Nutrient Burn :teef:

    and the pictures right below that are for nute burn.
  7. I had the same problem with my plants in the beginning, mine came because of to much watering. Even of the pots seemed a little dry on the top and in the middle, there still might be quite a bit of water at the bottom. My plants are alot bigger then yours and I water mine once a week. I bought a soil meter and test the moister at the top, middle, and bottom. I let the bottom of the pot get to about a #2-3 on the meter "which is dry" before I water again. Since I have switched to this, I haven't had the yellow, browning leaves anymore. Remember you want to let it completely dry out before next watering so you are forcing the roots to get bigger and search for water.
  8. Fighting the urge to over water is something it seems almost all of us first timers deal with. This time around, I've been waiting until the thirstiest plant starts to look very slightly wilted from under watering before I give them all some.

    IMO until we get a solid grasp of things, we should wait until the plant tells us what it wants before doing things. /just a tip on watering since it was mentioned this is by no means a diagnosis, I'm not knowledgeable to guess.
  9. I agree with the watering. I didn't head some knowledgable guys warnings about going to a bigger pot (5gal)because it would be difficult for a newbie to get the water schedule right. I am currently in a limbo trying to figure it out now. Best advice I have is don't panic and don't try too hard because you will end up doing more harm then good (just letting plants relax and fix the issue themselves
  10. Thanks for all the great advice, guys. The problem was over watering, the leaves started to droop and curl today and I recognize the signs from my last attempt. I did not get the browning/yellowing last time, which was why I was worried it was a problem with me having not started feeding them yet.

    Good news is that the other plant (which was starting to show the same signs) is doing fine and not having the same issue. I think I'll be buying a soil meter today.

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