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  1. I Have found some seeds in my weed and i decided to grow them, so i started with one seed and at first it was looking very good but now shes not growing for days... shes under two 45 Watt Led pannels.... shes just getting water and once a week, Hesi Root Complex...

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  2. Hiya. First thought is that you need more light. Are the panels the 45x1w diodes without fans? If so you deffo need more light.

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  3. Your seedling looks healthy. My guess is that right now it's concentrating its energy growing its root mass below soil level - so be patient and keep that light on them.

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  4. You know what you can do to help your plant and get the biggest yields???. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. The internet and books already have most of the help you need. Good luck.
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