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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Mr.Johnson, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Can someone tell me if the bud shown here in the link below was ready for picking or did it need a little while longer? The picture doesn't show the whites hairs turning brown, but from what I gather the white hairs turning brown means it is ready to pick right?
  2. Looks like you still have a few weeks left, how long has it been flowering?
  3. About 3 weeks I believe :)Maybe 4...but it def looks like those in that picture. almost all the hairs are turning brown...which is good right?
  4. Typical flower takes 7-10 weeks to finish up. You CAN go by the hairs, but you should go by the trichomes. I think there's a sticky somewhere around here that gives you some good pics on what to look for.
  5. Thanks, one thing that these plants have that looks different is they have branches coming out on the plant starting at the bottom and going to the top of the plant that have buds on the end of them. Is this normal?
  6. yup. Did you top it at any point? Regardless, lower branches growing that big is good. More buds.
  7. Thanks, they're looking mighty nice. I'd say another 4 weeks and they should be ready :D

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