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  1. I'm looking for a little help, I just have some basic questions. I'm new to growing so be patient. I've been picking up High Times and I've been reading a lot on here. I have a pretty good knowledge of outdoor growing, I've got a beautiful girl that I'm helping out someone with. She's about 2 weeks into budding. She's got sigmas just about everywhere. I will make a post when we harvest it. But I'm really wanting to learn more about indoor, specifically auto flowering. On account I hear that they need less light, grow faster and shorter. So for me this would be the ideal plant for my situation in my apartment. The questions that I do have are basic ones like what are the ideal lighting times for auto flower plants. And since it grows so fast what type of nutes would be best for it. I looked around a little for a good guide for auto flowering, but I couldn't find one. So If you know of one post it please. Any help would be great :smoke:
  2. 20/4 or 18/6 is good for autos I use fox farm soil and nutes
  3. Thank you sir. What kind of lights have you had success with?
  4. I use led lights. a little more money up front but they last longer and less energy and less heat
  5. Thanks for the advice!
  6. No prob. I have a thread in grow journals 210 watt led growbox check it out

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