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some help for a newb, please?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by cathycatfish, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. i have harvested my own buds, dried them in paper bags on a TALL (high!) bookshelf...
    i see SO many recipes for cannabutter....
    some say
    DO NOT USE SALTED BUTTER!!  the THC doesn't bind as well to the fat.  
    some (hightimes!) say USE SALTED BUTTER!!!  it has a higher smoke point.
    some say DON'T BOTHER TO DECARB BEFORE MAKING BUTTER because it will decarb when cooking in the butter!
    some say GRIND YOUR BUD TO A FINE POWDER, while others say
    i'm SO confused...
    i need to make butter soon for my mom and me, we're both needing it for chronic pain, but i don't want to mess it up!
    i HAVE salted butter in the freezer... can i use it?  or do i need to buy unsalted??
    do i need to bake my bud in the oven first before making the butter? 
    thanks in advance for any help!
    i tried finding the answers w/o starting a new thread, but i failed miserably!

  2. Always decarbox
  3. Grind it up.
    Use a crockpot.
    As for salt, it doesn't matter because it's going to
    boil off, hence why it is suggest to buy unsalted to
    skip that all together but it doesn't really matter.
    I personally only decarb when it's not fully cured,
    otherwise it's an optional step.
  4. Yes decarb 30 minutes 225.
    Fire up a crock pot and put in the weed, the butter and some water and let simmer 24 hours.
    Strain the weed out and set water/butter mix in the fridge. Take the butter off the top of the water and freeze.
    Dump the water, Thats where the fertilizer and shit is. The water gets the Yuck!
    it is that simple, we just made 8 pounds and used a bucket load of popcorn buds.
  5. I have never bothered to investigate whether salted butter works best, but I use it just in case. Decarboxylation can seem like a bit of trouble, but it makes my cannabutter noticeabley more potent. It's also useful in another way. I decarb my weed in the oven, wrapped up in tin foil, and when it comes out it is so dry that it is much easier to grind afterwards. I have ground my weed with an electric grinder before, almost to the consistency of flour, and it didn't appear to negatively impact the strength of the cannabutter. Then I simmer the butter/weed mixture at low heat for at least 45 minutes and it tends to come out pretty well.
  6. thanks SO much for your quick responses! 
    my .5 oz of bud is in the oven as we speak, and will use my salted butter!
    gonna use alton brown's brownie recipe... should make my mom very happy!
    thanks again to all!  i now know where to turn when i get confused!
    a little confused on these steps, can you be more specific. or some questions i have rather
    "yes, decarb 30 mins 225"
    is this a separate process from having the crockpot on for 24 hours?? 
    how is this done?
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    yes put the weed in the oven first. Always decarb, it makes it super potent.
    that step is one you never want to skip, you can even decarb before making BHO too.
    so the first step is for decarboxylation
    and the second step is for the oils to absorb the THC
    is this correct??
    i know decarboxylating can take 30 min - 2 hours or so, but does it take so long to absorb into the oils (24 hours)??
    i used to make cookies back in the day (before i knew anything) by simply grinding my weed very finely, and then just putting it in cookie dough and then baking for about 10-12 minutes and then eating the cookie
    The reason is the water part of the extraction will remove the yuck., the water is super nasty so be patient, let it work and the butter turns out better by a mile.
    Im telling you the way to make powerful, decent tasting butter.
    You can make it faster but it will not be as good.
  11. Not to thin so its easy to strain. Screw butter, coconut oil. And most definately decarb if you wajt good edibles

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