Some help and advice on cloning?

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  1. I wanna give this a go but i dont completely know how to, what i have so far is,
    take a clone, cut at a branch with 2 or 3 nodes at a 45 degree angle
    put in rooting gel then put in rockwool that has been soaked with ph neutral water
    put the cutting in a humidity tray

    when do i take it out of the humidity tray?
    do i eventually take it out of the rockwool and put it in soil?
    using cfls, how many watts for each plant?
    how long shud i veg and flower?
    average yield maybe?

    Thanks for any replies
    i will plus rep
  2. ok- here we go. leave in tray till roots grow thru cubes,maybe an inch? i left mine in cubes and potted- doing fine. look to utube , lots of cloning videos. i think they say 100 actual watts per blue spectrum for veg. i forgot the numbers on bulb. remember blue light for veg--red to flower. look at some of the stickys here on clones also. if you have room-one to two months veg. then flower till done. good luck!
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    with rockwool or groden cubes u wanna soak them in 5.5 pH water for a few minutes before use,
    when i soak i use about 50-100ppm water use a little bit of cal-mag to get the ppm up to that lvl (water needs cal-mag to create an equilibrium) some people use tepid water which is 1/2 distilled or low tds/ppm RO water and 1/2 tap water (that has set for 24hrs to remove chlorine) which also works.
    also i like to add liquid karma from botanicare and root excelerator from house and garden

    u basically have everything right.
    if u havent already bought the trey and dome for clonning dont! a cheap and easy way and get a better seal is to get a see through plastic rubermade storage tote, 10-30gal or what ever ur needs are. since the cubes are flat on the bottom u can flip the tote upside down and place all ur cubes on the inside of the lid.
    this will give u a good space to work with and easy to remove them when transplanting.
    the tote will create a good seal and keep the humidity up.

    also the less light the better, i keep mine covered (just the top, and keep the sides open) or keep the tote on a bottom shelf, make sure a little light gets in there (shade them).
    then after 5 days i remove the lid for 15-20 mins and if they start to wilt i cover for 1/2- 1 day the check again (or u can keep covered till u see roots).
    once they dont wilt when uncovered, u can water when the cubes get dry, they do need a dry spell, it helps the roots grow in search of water.

    the pix is of my setup (i also have 2 easyclonners)
    the tote is aprox 26gal and we use the 2" cubes and we can fit around 60 clonnes in there. cuttings were taken on 4/20 and still perky

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  4. when it comes to veg, u can go from cloning tray to flower room, or u can veg till desired height. and flower time is tricky cuz every strain is different, the only way to know if its finnishing is once the hairs start dying faster then new ones are growing is tell-tale that there nearing done, then u should check trichomes with 30-60x microscope, or a loupe
    once the heads of the trichs are milky and starting to turn amber its time to cut
    the more amber thrichs will actually affect the high, some people let certain strians go longer for a heavier body high

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