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Some headshop website knowledge.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stezn, May 5, 2011.

  1. I have been making purchases (about 100 bucks each) at popular online headshops to get a feel for what ones I like. I live in Nevada, USA. So it was to test shipping also. This is what I have found out so far.

    GRASSCITY got me a nice perc and ash catch in like 2 weeks no problems or anything and gave me screens and what not
    GRADE - A

    grasscity got me a double perc kinda. Except they didn't have it shipped for 1 week then when I asked they said it was "bank holidays" for a week really? Then they say it shipped that day. So 2 days later I get a email saying it's out of stock and they will ship in 1 1/2 weeks so I say I want a refund. They imediatly refund me. Then 3 days later they bill me for 20 more dollars then my first order was from 115 to about 133. Without saying anything or me giving permission.

    AQUALABTECHNILOGIES got me a badass bowl from n3rd and it was shipped and had not problems
  2. grasscity is a pain in the ass because it's all located in the UK.

    Aqualab seems to be pretty overpriced imo, but they have some nifty things I'm considering getting. I can't find J-hooks anywhere else.
  3. grasscity was a pain for me too,I made the order and then 3 days later they email me saying the card checks failed.and the transaction had already gone through so I had to wait for them to refund me
  4. Aqualab sells pretty high quality glass.

    It's like comparing Wal-Mart to a department store.

    And you realize GC is located in Europe, just like EDIT right?

  5. Ya it's alot of money on there but if I'm gunna spend alot on a bong it would get me a bull shit roor or somthing around here. At aqualab u could get some art. I'm savin to get some pieces from there :)
  6. Ya Im not ever buyin from EDIT again. My bank credited me the money for tomarrow. I'm gunna be trying out I love how the 10.6 in water bongs look. They don't have a huge selection but I'm definatly gettin a piece or two
  7. hey stezn so i am also looking to get one of smokewires 10/11 inch bongs and i was wondering how you liked yours? do you think you have any pictures cos what i really want to know is how the fuming looks but their site pictures arent that great. also durability/smoothness and whatever other info anything helps thanks!
  8. grasscity seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen because the sell seeds to the u.s.
  9. why would GC censor ******* (aqua lab)

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