Some HDR work (photography)

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ryannelson, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. HDR is High Dynamic Range. It's kind of complicated to explain so if you want, google it. But on with the pictures :



  2. i wish i was that good. whered you go for the last picture?
  3. Abandoned Textile Factory right up the road. Place is tore the fuck up.

    Thanks for the comments man.
  4. Perfect for my 3d work! HDR is a must when you're working on 3d.
  5. I enjoyed the composition of the 2nd picture. Also, it's a great pic in that if cut in half the top and bottom halves could be their own pictures with nice composition as well.

    Nice work.
  6. i love HDR work!

    very nice.
  7. Great work!
    Keep posting, dude.
  8. Awesome HDR work man.

    Love the pics.
  9. 2nd pic looks like it could have been done by Ansel Adams, from one photog to another, very nice job!

  10. I like the way it would look if you cropped it from the tree aspect alot, awesome shots I can't wait to get into shooting HDR myself now that I have a pod :D
  11. really pleasant landscapes...and that textile fact. shot...well i just can't stop looking at it. thanks for sharing, and keep it up.
  12. Hey guys thanks, I just changed my username from ryannelson since it was just my name, and that's not really safe. I have to re-upgrade my flickr account and I'll be uploading a few more pictures.
  13. Very cool. Love the colors in the first, and the composition in the third especially. + rep
  14. Wow, that first picture is stunning. The colors are so vivid; just immaculate! +rep
  15. 1st one is fuckin sick, unreal.. +rep(even tho it doesnt do anything lol)
  16. Thanks everyone. Much love. I'll post more when I can
  17. Here's a few more guys:

    Just some crazy looking clouds outside K-mart I just had my camera on me so I just snapped the picture


    These are just some photoshop plug-ins I was messed around with on some of my macro pictures:



  18. Awesome shots all around dude.

    What programs are you using to merge and tone-map? I got photomatix but I've just got into the HDR scene so I havnt done too much...I'm just wondering If I should bother paying for photomatix or is there something better I should look into .
  19. Dude that HDR camera is where it's at!
  20. Dude photomatix is worth it. I just got mine from though. Haha. But all my merging is done in there, and taken into photoshop from there.

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