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Some Halloween Fun!

Discussion in 'General' started by Hydrosiss, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Tomorrow night im gettin fuckin ripped then goin to the Eastern state penetentary in philly with some buddies....anyone go to this yet in the philly area?
  2. holy shit man, i was going to go there on sunday night with some of my friends...and i just got a zipper of nug!!! I guess its the same it near the center city and like 9 bucks to get in?
  3. im not in philly but we got somethng like that called statesville. it was pretty shitty though unfortunately

    have fun though. you should go on boomers. now that would be scary as fuck lol
  4. Should be a blast man. From what I hear that place is genuinely haunted and not some bullshit stories.
  5. Well, Its Like 20 Bills To Get In And Its In South, Zip code 19130.

    But Im Not Goin Til Tmmrw Night Cause' Tickets Were Sold Out For Tonight.
  6. went there when i was in college in philly....good time...get high as shit
  7. the last few years my buddies and i have schemed on goin but never sealed the deal, i am gonna make it a priority to check it out, not shure when tho
  8. Philly's about 30-40 mins from here...a bunch of my friends have gone to ESP and have been scared shitless. Loved it, but were def shaken up for a lil after it.

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