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  1. Ok so I grow in a pretty secret area but today, there was a mexican landscaper a little away from my garden so im like "ok I'll just go through a different way. So I was watering my garden and the guy started leaving so I jumped into the grass and he didn't see me. So I started taking pictures of my plant when the guy passed again and he was further away going back to his building and he was looking to where I was and he obviously saw me and the garden. What now?
  2. Hope he either minds his own or becomes a loyal customer?
  3. I'm Mexican to and trust me we could care less. That Mexican might make you pay him like $20 to keep his mouth shut.
    its an honor to meet someone able to speak on behalf for the entire mexican community
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    give that mexican some bud so he wont say anything
  6. He probably won't say anything but might take your plants when your not paying attention. I know many people would.
  7. Don't be so sketchy! The last thing he wants is to snitch on you! He's probably got problems of his own... Homeboy's probably illegal! Mexicans are not the snitching type! P.S Before anyone decides to bitch, I am a proud Mexican American!
  8. I'm a proud Aryan male. Kindly, stop visiting this site. I'll find a way to get you arrested. I'm sure the rest of my race will back me.
    See how stupid this sounds? Do you really think you can speak for a large group of people?
  9. you should of just walked past him and gave him a 20 hell think your a boss and wouldnt bother you for being go generous 
  10. Bro, he's a gardener, you're a gardener, everyone here's a fucking gardener. I would think plantguys stick together. I mean, taking pride in (and pics of) your gardening efforts is something a proffessional can probably appreciate.
    Then again, this user hasn't posted any updates. Fuck it, he's probably in jail.

  11. So you are a nazi? * high five *
  12. Regardless of whether or not he's gonna snitch on you, you should move your patch for your sake and his sake. Also, he may be the first, but he won't be the last to walk by there and see it. I suggest you find a new spot. 
  13. I actually just got discharged from the service last week. Heil mein Führer!
    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  14. Dude, no lie I think that I'm in love wih you.
  15. *sigh* I don't see any other way man.  I think you're gonna have to ghost his ass. :confused_2:
  16. Thanks for your support guys. And no, I'm not in jail. Yeah, but if he knows about the garden and hasn't reported it or pulled it, he's also gardening.
  17. Everything's good nice to hear

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  18. He might be waiting for the plants to be ready and then he will take them a little prematurely. Just wait for him some days earlier than you are gonna harvest and when he tries to take them start hitting him and telling him to not walk near there again and pull a gun to him ( a fake but realistic gun if you accidentally kill him you are gonna have a bad time removing his blood from all over you and stuff.) and scare tha crap out of him. Then make him cut the plants and trim them before letting him go
  19. i say take him out an bury in the rose bushes
    Lol idk. Im not mexican but my close friends are mexicans and i can say on there behalf that they would go back at night and pick the nugs if there is any. But chances of them knowing its a marijuana plant is slim. Then again i have bad eye sight :(

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