Some guy breaks into your house

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  1. So some guy breaks into your house. He is completely unarmed.
    Are you allowed to hold him at gunpoint or with a knife or some other weapon until the police get there?
    Probably varies by location. Like, no problem in Florida but probably a problem in the Northeast.
    Whatchu think.

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    according to the state law in wyoming you can kill them regardless (be cautious about this though)
    but yes i believe you can hold them at gunpoint you just cant fire a round off
    (lots of people around the country have been getting even longer sentences then the person they fired at for discharging a firearm in city limits and disarming a fire arm without regard for safety)
    would NOT go for holding them with a knife as that can easily be turned on you
  3. The law is so tricky in such cases. Of course, like you said, it varies from state to state. I can't even shoot an intruder in the knee cap if he is unarmed ... or armed for that matter. But in reality, you do what you deem necessary to stay alive. If you see the intruder is some huge mofo and attacks you without a weapon, blow him away, pray the court doesn't hang you by your balls.
  4. Where I'm at, I think I might try running away from my house first. lol.
  5. I wonder if theres ever been a case of someone beating a armed home intruder to death/near death with a bong and them getting locked up for it
  6. Right? But what if you're on 2nd/3rd floor and backed into a corner. Your only escape is to catapult yourself out of the window. These laws are fucking nuts.
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    Someone breaks into my house I will not hesitate to shoot your ass!!!  I don't want to kill anyone so where I am going to shoot you at your going to wish I did kill you because if your a man I will blow your dick off!!!  If your a woman I am going to shoot you in the same place.  IF you keep coming then I will kill you!!!!  Choice is yours.  Never break into my house if you want to keep your package!!!!! 
    Just ask my husband who came home early from the field years ago when we were in the military.  I didn't blow his dick off but did shoot between his legs and missed on purpose and put a hole in my wall and told him if you move next shot you will be missing your private parts.  That is when he started yelling it was him, my husband and please don't shoot his dick off.  It was the last time he came home early from some where with out calling me first to let me know he was on his way home!!!!
  8. if somebody breaks into your house and if for any reason you feel in danger, you are most certainly aloud to protect you and yours.

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  9. If my life is threatened there's no thinking about it at all, jail or no jail I won't die just because I'm afraid of what may or may not happen to me in the courts.
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    in law class, i learned that contracts are only enforceable if the parameters of the contract is legal. (eg you can't sign a contract for a heroin deal and expect the court to protect you if they welch)
    so if federal law is a "legal contract" between you and the government, with third parties (everyone else). when the subject of the contract is illegal, like when your house is broken into, that contract is void.  legal logic would posit that you now have the right to murder that guy. while that guy is breaching the contract, there are no contracts that protect him from murder.
    obviously this is a thought-exercise not real life. dont kill anyone plz.
  11. We're talking about unarmed intruders. Will be pretty tough for you to prove that you believed your life was in danger when the intruder was unarmed. Plus, only 16 states have the Stand Your Ground law. In the States that do not recognize this law, you first have to retreat/get away from the life threatening situation, and only use deadly force if you cannot retreat/get away from the intruder. Again, good luck proving your life was in danger.
  12. you can shoot someone in the knees and not kill them

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  13. Nope! That will definitely get you in trouble in court.
    • If you are shooting to wound you don't feel your life was in immediate danger of serious bodily harm or death
    • Wounded people can still hurt or kill you.
    • The law may not see shooting to wound as justifiable self-defense.
    I would call an ambulance and try to save the sorry ass bastard from getting eaten by the dogs. That's just the yard let alone the house.
  15. its all your word against the intruders. More often than not the person getting shot breaking in is definitley not going to get the benefit of the doubt from a jury.

    They would also have to prove that you weren't in danger. There are many factors youre not taking into account.

    Just recently, here in texas, a sheriff busted some growers door down. He had a warrant, but he didn't give the man any prior notice that he was entering. The grower shot and killed the officer because he thought he was being burglarized and was protecting his pregnant girlfriend.

    It all varies from case to case haha

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  16. Blast that fool.

    Not if he's halfway out the window though.
  17. i believe in my state, so long as your property is posted every hundred feet with a "no trespassing" sign, its legal to shoot trespassers without further warning. but seriously, if someone broke into my house and i caught them, they wouldn't be leaving under their own power.
  18. Texas(Tejas) is the worst example ever when it comes to gun laws. They have none :laughing:
    All I'm saying is the law is tricky and varies from state to state. It's not a simple "shoot to kill if you feel your life is in danger" People have been screwed in court because they are unfamiliar with their State's law.
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    I know I know haha, but i was saying in the context if some guy breaks into your house and is wielding a weapon (knife, handgun, etc.) Wouldn't that be a situation where youre defending your life?

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  20. Yes, in some States you are allowed to blow a intruder away regardless if he has a weapon or not. In other states you are forced to look at other options first. If you can escape the situation, then you should. If you are trapped and cannot escape and your life is in danger, you are left with only one option.

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