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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Hey fella's (and ladies) This past spring/early summer while planting my outdoor crop (first one) I decided to do a simple experiment on growing location.

    The places included (all watered a few times early and fertilized twice with 12-12-12)

    1) Open grass prarie's. Loads of baking sunlight
    2) Corn, Sugar Beat field edges, woodlot edges (few feet in).

    So here are my results from plants that got put out June first at about 2" tall.

    The plants planted in the open grass praries did not do very good. They had a few things going against them. First off grasshoppers and other leaf eaters live thick in the grass and munched much of the plants growth by mid June. Also any water that the plants got evaporated fast or was soaked up by the grass. None of these plants made it over 14" tall and are very thin.

    The plants in the Sugar Beat field went NUTS! Like I mean huge! The nice broken soil and lack of bugs in the beats let these plants grow like mad. All plants(females) average 6' tall and are very bushy, like a pine tree. A few it would take two people holding hands to wrap around them. The corn field ones were just the same.

    The plants on the edge of a woods also did good. Though they are not as thick as the ones in the crop fields they did grow tall and nice.

    My conclusion. Sure these plants need a lot of sun, but they also like it moist and insect free. The crop fields stayed moist as did the woods with a few hours of indirect light.

    Next year I won't be planting in the grass....most of all because of grasshoppers.

    Hope my learning will help some of ya!
  2. yeah i did the same thing, i ended up moving all my plants out in the open into a corn field with some others.
  3. what if you dont live near cornfields and beetfields? lets say a concrete jungle, what would you suggest to us who want to take it outdoors besides hike it?:)
  4. well personaly i'd never live in a town or city, fuck that i can't stand em. But i guess you can grow on roof tops of an apt building. I know of people that had greenhouses on top of buildings. Maybe get a car, or a friend with one, and take a drive. A hike once a week would be good for ya though. Heh, i duno really, i'm sorry for everyone who can't get anything outdoors because of were they live. Indoor growing seems to work out better anyways.
  5. u gotta b sneaky if u wanna grow so close to so many ppl.

    if u aint got a garden that u cud do something in then u just gotta find somewhere wher no1 goes for mths on end, has good light, soil, water and it wont get eaten by rabbits, deer, hippies, kids looking 4 a hangout.

    the best place i found was a comdemd factory, nice big glass windows, part of the roof missing and still had the water on. all the downstairs windows and doors were bricked up so i grew in pots upstairs. i used that place 2 years on the trot till i moved outta that town. it was a pain climbing over the roof with pots and sacks of dirt but worth it. the 2nd grow brought me a real nice bike.

    dunno if id do the same thing now, im a bit older and wiser, but the point im trying to make is ther r places if u look. just make sure the grow cant b traced back 2u if it is found and have a good reason 4 being there if u go check ur plants 1 day and u get caught.
  6. thanks you two. i just couldnt resist. i know its going to take some leg work. i just moved into a new town last year and lived next to the ocean the year before. all though this is all in the same area.

    i havent had much time to get out this year to find a spot at my new location. all though there is plenty of surrounding land around the city. i also can take it back to where i originally lived at. which i feel much more comfortable.

    just knowing that i couldnt access that spot or get to it quickly bothers me. the spot im considering is at least 45 miles or i guess over 20 kilometers away. thats probably all good, but theres a high population of deer and other plant eating rodents about.

    i think if i was younger and didnt have much to loose, id probably go look for an abandoned building, that just tells me you got the big ones, dayum man!! :)
  7. here is another sneaky option, plant in a tree. you haved to be pretty sure footed and comfortable with hieghts though, you will have to get it up into the canopy.

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