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  1. The Haunted announces new singer!

    The much anticipated return of Peter Dolving, to handle the vocal duty for The Haunted, is now a reality! The Swedish Grammy award-winning band parted ways with their singer Marco Aro, due to Marco's desire of dedicating his time entirely for his growing family. Following Aro's split, the band soon became aware of the fact that Peter Dolving (singer on the first, self-titled The Haunted album) had for some time nursed the idea of wanting to rejoin The Haunted, if only given the opportunity. Mutual interest developed quickly over the idea, and, consequently, The Haunted are now very proud to present Peter as the "new" member of the band.

    Jensen, guitarplayer for The Haunted, says: "I was very sad to see Marco leave the band. However, I fully respect him for following his heart on what he felt needed to be done. We wish both him, and his family, all the best! We will definitely miss having him in the band. At the same time, I am very grateful to welcome Peter back into the The Haunted. I think we all, including Marco, agree on that Peter is the perfect choice to pick up where Marco left off!"

    Peter Dolving, now lead vocals, says: "Being back in the band feels awesome. I hope Marco gets a good life outside the music business. He's done one Hell of a job, and has earned my deepest respect."

    The Haunted did some very extensive touring with their latest album "One Kill Wonder", playing to sold out shows all over Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia and Japan! The Haunted will now focus on writing new material for their fourth full lenght album, which will hopefully be out prior to the summer of 2004!

    The Haunted have also been nominated in the "Best Video Category" for their "DOA" video at Fuse channels "Uranium" show, the biggest satellite broadcasted metal show in North Amerca! Please show your support to the band, by clicking on the link, go through a brief registration procedure, and then vote for "DOA" as best video of the year!!!

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