some GOOOD stuff (i think)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by waterhurley, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. ok well im going to try to grow a few seeds out side... nothing serious cuz im not selling it its all for me and this summer..

    ok so sofar i deseeded my bag of weed (and its VERY VERY VERY good stuff)

    i then took the seeds and wrapped them in a wet paper towel... now after i see some sprout age im gonna dig a small hole and put them in the wood behind my house.

    from then i will continue to feed them the bong water from this oz i got and im saving every hit of water....

    if resin makes good fertilizer im feeding it that too... and im blowing its smoke from its moma in it lol for the hell of it

    tell me if you think i wil succede even if its not THAT much...
    9the seeds have been sitting for a long time :(

    so if u could post some tips little things i can do... like i said im not selling it so im not like hardcore or anything... only planting 4 seeds

    oh and one last thing... if someone could post a plant just before harvesting (like ur gonna do it after the picture) and show me the yummy bud that would be supreme... god im so dry but wanna be so high lol :D
  2. It ceases to amaze me, that we still get posts like this one, when we have grow forums, and so much info in them, grow journals, and read a lot.........then read it all again.

    1/ you don't normally get good seeds from weed you buy, unless you know the grower personally, and he was breeding, hence the seedy weed...........more likely it's from an inexperienced grower who didn't notice a male/hermie in with the others.................and lastly it could be commercial.......thousands of plants to care for, males and hermies could easily be missed.............but the seeds are good to learn could end up o.k, but don't get your hopes up too much.

    2/ the wood behind your house?.......they need lots of lights, and in summer your wood, will probably be covered from the sun, with a huge tree canopy.........and also so close to your own property!!!

    3/ NO NO NO NO NO why is there some kind of American myth that bongwaters good for MJ plants, would you drink it??

    4/ NO NO NO NO NO resin, and especially no smoke.

    5/ the seeds will be dead, if not sprouting, and kept moist

    6/ use the guide at the bottom of this post, it'll help you out, and read jay's link too........

    7/ we have a picture forum full of pics from bud shots, to you ng plants, all the way through till harvest........

    Peace out...........Sid

  3. weed with seeds usually means its not very good stuff

    bong water and resin is probably not a good idea like sid said. i dont hink ashes could hurt though, probably owuldnt help at all but if you feel like you need (which by your post, it seems like you do) to give something you smoked back to the plant ash its probably better than bongwater, resin and smoke.
  4. what happen to old good normal soil, fresh water, and fert...
  5. ^ went to the same place as unicorns and bowler hats.
  6. basicly dont give your plants sumthin u wouldnt ingest.... i personaly wouldnt enjoy bong water but thats jus me.... back to sids post.... of course your goin to get posts like this , you always will ... prepare for more to come, people rushing to get started and not slowly preparing for what could be devistating for them.... this bussiness/hobby can be heart breaking and money waisting if you dont prepare right. take things slow read up on some stuff before you even start so you have a good idea of what your doing.... than experiment and try new things.... but READ. peace out sam.

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