Some good Rap for being stoned-If you feel open minded, check it out

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by God's Son, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Wasup everyone. It seems to me that stoners generally dont listen to a lot of rap, here on the boards and in my close group of friends. Everyone knows and respects stoner artists like Phish and The Doors, but when it comes to rap people generally just think its all bland "pop a ho, bling bling" type shit. NOT TRUE! Generally the stereotype is true for radio rap, but as with any genre, the true gems lie underneath the pile of garbage. Please take the following song suggestions in with an open mind, spark up that herb, and enjoy!

    Three Six Mafia-Late Night Tip

    Kind of a slow beat with really good flows from everyone in the song. Good chill out song and kind of a good song to listen with a girl.

    Benefit-Warp to world 6-9

    Benefit has one of the best flows of our time, in my opinion. This song is a parody of Super Mario Bros. and is even set to the beat. The story is about a "ghettofied" view of the original Super Mario Bros. game, where Benefit raps about how Mario needs to save the princess because he wants some pussy. Hilarious.

    Cypress Hill-Roll it up, Light it up, Smoke it up

    Just a good tokin' song. Cypress Hill are the kings of chronic.

    Mobb Deep-Shook Ones pt.2

    Not particularly about weed, but I thought I'd throw this in just because its a great song. It's gangsta.

    Mr.Lif-Pulse Cannon

    This song is fuckin insane, particularly if you have a nice system you can listen to it on. LISTEN TO THIS SONG.

    Nas-It Ain't Hard To Tell

    It Ain't Hard To Tell, Nas excells.

    Sage Francis-Makeshift Patriot

    Political rap song by a very talented artist.

    Tech N9ne-T9X

    A story about a mans journey through different kinds of drugs, all in one night. Weed, ecstasy, GHB, Acid...its all in this song. This song is better with a good system and good bass.

    Twista-Adrenaline Rush

    Twista is the fastest rapper in the world, but he's also a very good one. The first two verses in this song are just bonkers. It's gangsta.
  2. I agree whole heartedly, people really don't know the pure variety of hip hop out there, I'm the dorkiest of white dudes but I don't care at all, the lyrics are amazing in some of these songs and it's the closest thing to real contemporary poetry.

    Right now my favorite rap artists are Del the funky homosapian, Digable Planets and Aesop Rock.
  3. Anything by:
    Little Brother
    Aesop Rock
    Mr. Lif
    Cannibal Ox
    Zion I
    A Tribe Called Quest
    Big L
    The Roots
    Jurassic 5
    Talib Kweli
    Swollen Members
    Dilated Peoples
    ...that's all I can think of now
  4. yall forgot about the most highest and most talented group out there.........BONE THUGS~N~HARMONY COPY THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF MY SIGGY INTO YOUR ADDRESS BAR TO HEAR FOR YOURSELF!!!! Twista is aight but bone iz straight fire
  5. Lets not forget the best rap group ever ... "Jedi Mind Tricks"
  6. Gotta love the open mindedness here :D I usually listen to rap and r&b, other genres I listen to depending on my very true about the true gems under the garbage...I'm speechless when it comes to most commercial rap, but the actual artists who focus on lyrics, flow, and the stuff that makes rap music beautiful just as any other genre are great = ] *Edit* Although, there is occasionally "commercial" artists who I do enjoy lol... I would recommend Ying Yang Twins - Me & My Brother , the album doesn't shine too much when it comes to deep meanings in the songs and its not very poetic, but I consider it good music for when you're in a good energetic type mood = ]
  7. i agree most people when they think of hip-hop they think of nelly and all that shit. i mean sometimes its fun to sing along to that shit, but there is actual good hip-hop out there. such as

    immortal technique
    jurassic 5
    dialated peoples
    dead prez
    jedi mind tricks
    the roots
    talib kweli
    black eyed peas
    tribe called quest
  8. roots manuva
    aspects of rhythm

    some great british hip-hop there

    check it out.
  9. British hip hop? You mean britian has more rappers than just Slick Rick? :O

  10. definately...L is the greatest

  11. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Rest in Peace
    Lamont Coleman
    1974 - 1999

    you will get lost in this shit; it's amazing

  13. That's some good underground hip hop right there man.

  14. Check out Task Force. You'll be amazed by what these british dudes do.
  15. Ghetto boys - Damn it feels good to be a gansta

  16. My Personal favorite Song While High!!!

    also yeah cypress hill and bone thugs are another 2 of my favorite
  17. One artist you can't leave out here is Tupac Shakur. Atleast to me most of the beats in his songs are perfect for being high. The lyrics have real meaning, too.
  18. wtf, i was gonna LEGALLY check some of these guys out but i can't find much of it on iTunes Music Store :(

  19. ok all these guys are good in my opinion and worth lookin into...

    abstract rude
    aesop rock
    binary star
    cannibal ox
    C-rayz Walz
    del the funkee homosapien
    deltron 3030
    dj shadow
    dr octagon (kool keith)
    Eyedea And Abilities
    jedi mind tricks
    jeru da damaja
    Moka only
    mr. lif
    non phixion
    people under the stairs
    princess superstar
    sage francis
    souls of mischief
    ugly duckling
    zion i

    I think i got most of the ones i listen to any of those artists are great in my opinion :)
  20. tech nine!! lol he lives around my area..... iv seen him at best buy....KC representin!

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