some good nugg shots

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by OneLove420, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. hey guys...this is whats left after a few bowls of an 8th i bought yesterday of some good cost me 50 thats the standard price for an 8th of good shit in my area....enjoy the pics

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  2. heres a close up of one of the nuggs.....tell me what you think

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  3. i figured since i had my camera out i would show u guys my pieces....i thought i got a really good deal...the little one (bat) was only $12 at a local headshop...the spoon was $25..once again tell me what u think

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  4. this bad boy hits like a mother fucker i call it the little blue beast

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  5. finally my spoon
  6. sry my baked ass forgot to post the pic....

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  7. last one...enjoy guys

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  8. ew, thats not nug
  9. its not nug!?!?!?!?!??!.....what the hell do u think it is then?...maybe its just my camera its def nug tell me why u think its not
  10. Here is some really good shit i got last month, I should get some more of this next weekend....

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  11. dawg, thats just not nug, and if it is, it's babbage nug, down here, nug is nice and compact, and BRIGHT green
  12. ooo frick, a nug is a nug. and it all looks good to me!
  13. doofus, or "dawg" as you say, did you not realize all his pictures were dark? you can see crystals and orange hairs in the 2nd picture.

    thread starter: looks like you could use a better camera man, but that bud looks nice. cool pieces, too.
  14. Ya I don't think the picture quality does you any good--the first pic makes the pot look black.

    But besides that--I know its nug--its just a camera problem.

    have fun token!!

  15. ya sry about the quality of the pics i couldnt find my digital camera it would have looked much better...when i find it ill take some better pics of a current bag i usually get that same quality nug (very good) all the time...thanks for your thoughts guys....peace
  16. yo one, whats your aim man?
  17. hahaha your sig is tight as hell...and u know this, MANNNN

  18. shut up, u always have mean bullshit to say about other peeps bud, why dont u post a pic of your oh so great weed, eh?

    pics dont show all the details as much as real life. try taking a pic under a flourescent light, with a black or white back drop.
  19. "WAB" nuGG

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  20. That bud really doesn't look like the 50 really you should only be paying $45 but hey only 5 bucks more and I'm sure it has to do with the cam too.

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