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some good heads

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Maurice, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. grabbed a z for 320 smells like a mix between grapes and lemons!


  2. Looks Tasty :D
  3. I do love me some good head.
  4. Now that's what I call dank.
  5. Lookin like a solid deal
  6. mighty fine pick up young lad.
  7. looks yummy
  8. eeee 320/oz! wherever you're from that's the price we scoff at in Montana... ive seen so many of my friends pay 300/oz... and that's still ridiculous... though that's as much as i will go. Solid Dank though. Smoke it up mang. i guess i give my buddies 40/eighth hook up which is = to 320/oz... but we have price breaks in Montana :D (200-250/oz ftw)

  9. price breaks in montana or when you come through washington? :p :rolleyes:
  10. How's the smoke man?

    Looks pretty dank. Wish I had some of that right now :p
  11. hehe, nope Montana has the dank too man even though i just picked up that 150/oz in washington. I love both states :smoke:
  12. looks so fucking good, I just wanna sprinkle it on my pizza and eat it up!!!
  13. I wish I was getting those prices, but I'm in the northeast where some people are risking their asses to get this stuff mailed from the west coast so naturally they bring up the price. People who buy around here and don't have connections to growers or people in the west can expect to pay 375 for top stuff even 400 sometimes
  14. weird
  15. keep bitchin kid. 380-400 a zip here, lucky to grab 100 qrt
  16. That looks like a nice buy. I could smell that from where i am sitting.

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