Some Good Cartoons?

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  1. Yo can anyone list a couple of cool cartoon shows to start watch high? I will be staring from season 1 ep 1 and all, I'm currentry watching Dragon Ball GT. Gt is in like the 12 ep and also hey arnold and ed,edd,eddy in the 2nd ep, but I would like to know more any suggestions? Asides from southpark, and family guy feel like I've watched em all
  2. Best cartoons is Avatar the last air bender and Captain Planet
  3. Aqua teen hunger force!

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  4. Adventure Time is fantastic. 2nd on Avatar the Last Airbender.
    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is fantastic too.
  5. Archer



    Watch archer. Best show I've seen in awhile.

    Also venture bros and cowboy bebop are my other two huuuge favorites
  6. Definitely watch Archer.
  7. ADVENTURE TIME on Netflix! haha. my buddy was watching this last semester and it is pretty comical. it is adult-like humor. I'll watch it with someone and leave comments in this discussion if anyone else watches haha. I'm so glad I glanced at this thread.
  8. I recomend Problem Solverz and Regular Show, both good modern coartoons.
  9. Adventure TIme, Regular Show, Invader Zim, FLCL, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Corneil and Bernie
  10. ed edd and addy, adventure time, avatar the last airbender/legend of korra, rugrats (still 1 of my faverites) ben 10, spongebob, fairly odd parents, my little pony friendship is magic <--surpizingly awesome show  young justice

    is where u can watch almost all of these and then some
  11. Futurama ! it is really good.

  12. Weird to see anime thrown in there. I'm going to go throw back, for me, and say Angry Angry Beavers and Ren and Stimpy. Power Puff Girls and FoP are decent too. Adventure Time and Regular Show. You didn't tell us what you're looking for. Cartoon is pretty broad.
  13. Ren & Stimpy and Cow & Chicken for that classic 90s surrealist flavor.
  14. Recess.
    Rocket Power.
  15. I'll say some that havent been said
    johnny bravo
    first 2 seasons dexters lab
    the tick
    garfield and friends
    ninja turtles
    darkwing duck

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