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Some Good Buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Cheve10, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Blue dream i picked up yesterday, and some green crack, diesel, and bubbleberry

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  2. Nice weed
  3. Yea the sour was good, but the blue dream really got me good
  4. nice lookin breakfast/lunch/dinner plates you got there!
  5. That blue dream looks dank as FUCK!!! Nice pickup so jealous. Hows the bubble taste/smoke?
  6. The bubbleberry probably had the best taste and smell of the group, but the blue dream was so potent it would just get u ripped
  7. :laughing:

    Op, I really want to hear all about the smell and taste, not just see pictures! How is the high? We need a full review
  8. Looks like tight, lil compact buds.

    Good grab.
  9. First two are the blue dream. Blue dream was definietly one of the better buds we've seen all summer, the crystals were nearly falling off, the hairs were just that of the blue dream we know and love. The bud certainly didnt dissapoint once you put the light to it either, an excellent fruity taste with amazing potency. The buds we had were large some weighing up to 7g, all of which added up to one of my favorites.
    The bubble berry was next. When we first got it along with the green crack (in the next picture) I thought by the looks the green crack would surely be the better of the two. well the bb put of a great fight, and truely had one of the best tastes ive tried yet. The green crack had the tendency to get harsh with large rips, almost like burnt bud on a green, but in smaller doeses was unbeilievable. Sort of a wired high, hence the name i guess, but a great sativa. bubble berry end up being my chill out time buds. Great chilled high and with the taste you couldnt get enough.
  10. The fifth pic is of Defcon? (spelling) but it was an amazing sativa, the high alot like the blue dream really. The buds were just ugly lookin was the best way i could decribe it. A great smoke. The defcon are the larger buds on the left and then sour diesel the smaller on the right, just look at those....hah. Kat williams said it best "the shit is gettin betta every two weeks"

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