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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cowofsteel, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. I'm attempting to grow agian this year... since i live in WI and w/ all this wacky weather i've decided on indoors until its big enough to survive outdoors. anyway i have some ideas and was just wonderin if they are any good. would jiffy pots be okay to plant in? that would make transplanting much easyier since they can be put right in the ground. also is R/O (reverse osmois) water a good thing to be using on your plants? It takes all chemicals and shit out and makes the water completely clear, my dad has one for his reef aguarim. Then also would using some liquid nut. for veg. be a good idea? Thanks for reading this all and i hope u have some answer for me!

    edit - also is there any way to prevent my plants from getting blown down by the storms we get?
  2. I've heard about bad experiences with jiffy pots but I've used them before and I think they worked just fine.

    I wouldn't try the R/O water at first, just use tap water that's sit out overnight so the chlorine disipates or distilled water and my reasoning behind this is that calcium is needed for osmosis in's what causes the plant to stand upright. I've got hard water here which means more calcium in it and I think it's the best thing for my plants, but that's really just my opinion.

    For the storms maybe you could build some type of wire frame to tie the plant to, that is if no one would ever see it.
  3. my dad has calcium deposte for his aquarim too.. would that work to add the calcium being taken away, i guess its good for reef so maybe
  4. well first of all...1 month old plants can be pretty tough.

    but if u have the plants facing south exposure and trees to the north east and west...u have a much better chance of the plants making it.

    this year i have 2 month old plants that im putting out and they are monster so i wont have to worry about blowing.

    frankly that isnt the biggest problem...critters and wandering eyes are much more of a problem if u ask me

    ill start to watch the weather in about 10 days from now to see when i will put them out. may 20th is my target date but want them out asap.
  5. bump

    does anyone know if calcium in R/O water would be good?
  6. lol,and l,am in a differant continet.:D

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