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Some gasssssssss!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Heigh7, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Yo what up guys, i called my guy earlier told him i request some good ass he referred me to a guy that operates throughout Georgia..his last re-up was from Atlanta anyways...he sells me a gram for 25 $ like ' i can get loud for 20 a gram'....and then he told me 'ill give you a free eighth if your not satisfied with this...'

    so i said 'aight'

    anyways..tonight i lit up a personal session..smoked 2 bowl packs..and when i got back to my car it hit me like a ton of bricks...the weed was extremely stems no seeds and NO GRINDER NEEDED... you could even tell by the taste..anyways guys..its been 4 and a half hours..and i only experience 2 hour highs its been almost 5 hours and im still lit...SOME GASS..IF YOU CAN GET GASS....PAY 25 A GRAM! IT PUTS YOU ON UR ASS.
  2. Sounds Like awesome stuff man! Ill definatly try some if i get the chance. Might wanna watch what you talk about though man.
  3. Cool story bro. Changed my life. Gas is a stupid fucking word for cannabis, and it means the same thing as loud.

  4. no. the dankest of dank should be 20/gram maximum no matter what.
  5. Cool beans Im going to have to try some loud sometime
  6. In ATL slang (where hes talking about), gas is Sour Diesel. Sounds like you mighta got a perfect crop of some Sour D my friend, enjoy. :smoke:
  7. lol @ gas

    lol @ loud
  8. Sounds good, although Gasss! reminds me of that B movie by Roger Corman haha.
  9. Cool story, black people have been calling all kinds of weed gas for years. If it was sour d and you payed 25 a g, you got ripped the fuck off,

  10. Lol i would not wanna meet this guy IRL, be positive bro
  11. I'm just letting him now he got taken for a fool. And letting him now saying "gas" for cannabis is stupid.
  12. Please dont say gas ever again. You are not "smoking on that gas" get a life lmao

  13. Im the only one who is going to question this....

    And its been almost 5 hours....

    Doesn't sounds like weed to me

  14. First time smoking dank probably.
  15. SUCK A DICK you fucking faggot ass cunt. i didnt get ripped off. shut the fuck up. incredible fucking faggot ass cunt
  16. [quote name='"Heigh7"']SUCK A DICK you fucking faggot ass cunt. i didnt get ripped off. shut the fuck up. incredible fucking faggot ass cunt[/quote]

    Holy shit
  17. Come on weed forum.

    Talk about your weed and how awesome it is.

    Post no pics.

    Get laughed at.

    Get angry.

    Go home.
  18. u ok ?
  19. [​IMG]
  20. "i am smoking on dat gas , life should be on cinemax"-2 chains

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