Some Funny Stories

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  1. These are just some funny stories of some weird shit that happened to me and seemed normal, because I was so high.

    One day me and a few of my friends went to go smoke at lunch during my senior year. Me and my friend left because we didn't want to be late. It's very sketchy being late to class when your high as fuck. Anyway while we were walking back, two cars crashed literally 2 inches from our faces. We could of reached out and touched the cars, they were that close. We didn't even stop and just kept walking, after walking about 30 more yards he was like, "dude", and I said, "I know". Classic stoner talk. It was pretty crazy.

    Another story I have, is my first time smoking after getting off probation. Me and my friend went off to smoke, also at lunch during our senior year (this was in the very beginning of the year). We bought tree off our hookup, the hookup gave us a blunt wrap so we rolled a blunt. Then we went to go smoke. We couldn't find a lighter and had to ask around and ended up having more people with us. We ended up baseballing the blunt. By the time we finished, I was crazy high, and we were about 15 minutes late to class. We started walking back and when we got on campus, I felt like the time was chasing me so I started running. Then I realized what I was doing and I stopped, I was THAT HIGH! Anyways, I walk into class about 25 minutes late and try to walk to my seat. I say try, because I ended up walking in the wrong row. Then I realized I was in the wrong row and said, "Oh, my bad" and walked into the right row. Then I tripped over somebody's legs and fell into my seat. After this I just sat there for the rest of class doodling in my notebook.

    Good Times!

    The second story actually happened before the first one, but whatever.

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