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    I was "loitering" in front of this gas station but I was really waiting on a friend to pick up some weed from me. I dressed al sketchy, had black jeans with my Hood over my hat. I assume the lady working at the gas station got scared of me because she came out and gave me some free sh*t and then she taught me how to hack any gumball machine. I'm pretty sure she did this so I don't hold up the place.

    And onther time I was dressed sketchy and I went into wallgreens at 12 in the morning to use the restroom and j was exiting the store someone who worked there said "thank you" I think he said that because I didn't rob him is what I'm assuming or maybe it was because I didn't steal a candy bar or somethin.

    But anyway this shows that people still judge a book by its cover but sometimes there's advantages to that. Lol. I'm going to go do this again at a diff gas station.
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    damn bro you a straight up gangsta. 
  3. haha ur funny :p
  4. I wouldn't mess with OP fellas
  5. Here lemme tell you a story about my dick to cheer you up...

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