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Some fun shit...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Fucked up day.

    Got reported today.

    Then called two other customers bitches (dont thank they herd me.)

    Alot of bullshit, Bullshit managers on my ass.

    Nothin but bullshit.

    But got done round 10:30 and my homie was up there workin and my homegirl was too.

    So i went and bullshited with her for a minute then bullshited with my homies for awhile. Then seen this handicaped scooter type thang right by so said fuck it, Hopped on and drove around haha. Had a ball hahah, Never drove one before. Shit was fun. They had my song come on the radio over the p.a. (phil collins - another day in paradise.) and i was sangin that shit drivin around on this scooter hahaha.

    Then drove back to my homies spot sangin and runnin into all his boxes he was loading. Did that then reversed into more boxes all beepin my horn and shit a buncha people laughin.

    Shit was a ball.

    Got paid for it.

    Finally felt happy for a minute.
  2. hell yeah

    im fuckin frying i think i just relived that scooter thing:D
  3. Yesterday was alot funner then today.

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