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  1. So I try xanax for my first time, take 1 full white bar ( 4 mg i believe ) and snort 3/4
    Then smoke 2 blunts
    Im feeling to fucked up, and I cant handle it so i go home to just sleep. I live with my parents.
    I call up one of my friends just to talk so someone you know? so im not alone
    And she asks if im ok, i say yea im fine.
    My best friend lives with me, and she calls him and asks him to check on me for her, to be safe.
    He tells her, "no why dont you " and she says cause shes not their, and he says "o well" and instead of checking up on me, he tells my parents all the shit I did.
    She wont even look at me, and I might have to leave.

  2. It's a good lesson to learn, but why it constantly needs to be reiterated I don't know.

    If you live with your parents, and they aren't ok with you coming home high or drunk or completely fucked up then DON'T. There is ALWAYS a chance that you will be caught, and if you value your parents and respect them and their home, you'll wait until you're sober to roll in.

    And if you took over 4mg of Xanax for your first time (which I don't believe) then it's no wonder you couldn't handle it. Research what you're putting into your body.
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    lol Stick to weed in future!

  4. Well said. I completely agree.
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    Why would I like man? and if you dont believe me, I really dont care.
    I took 1 full white bar, it said somthing like g37722 I really dont know.
    And i waited like 2 hours, i felt nothing, and so we had a blunt.
    I call my friend up, and ask should i be feeling somthing, he said yes, So since im not, i decide to buy another.
    My friend says snort it, and itll hit you, so I stupidly said ok.
    I snorted 3 pieces of the bar, and gave the fourth to my friend.
    Then we had one more blunt we bought, I took a few hits, and i couldnt walk, see right, talk nothing.
    I was freaking out.
    And I totally agree I shouldnt have gone home like that, but it was my only option, since my friends had to go.
  6. dont snort benzos. Its a waste. And yeah, your friend isnt much of a friend.
  7. xanax is lame...and abusing it turn you into a straight crackhead ass fiend.
    you "getting caught" might not be so bad.
    but live and learn buddy

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