Some fucked up shit.

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  1. Murder charges filed against 17 year old

    My uncle came over moments ago and was telling me about a funeral he'd just been to. Apparently the other day, one of his friends came home to find their wife dead in the kitchen. Their foster son had shot and killed her for no apparent reason, and kidnapped the 9 year old.

    I didn't know the woman, but I'd partied with the guy, and he was chill as fuck... I feel so bad for him. I feel bad for my uncle too because they were all friends.

    Crazy shit.
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    damn man ... lot of depressing stuff on GC right now .

    sorry to hear that , that is fucked up .
  3. holy shit! That is maad fucked up dude. I'm sorry for your uncle and his family..

    Nobody knows why he did it?
  4. Not as of now, I think the kid was a problem child and was in therapy and shit...

    He's been caught though and the 9 year old is safe.
  5. Damn man thats horrible news fuck.

    Not just on GC man people who live hard are living even harder from Jan-March..creates a ripple effect

    and oh yea not to mention israels most recent invasion of gaza..which "coincidentally" occured 2.5 weeks before obamas inauguration..

    Israel is going to wipe out Hamas once and for all and who knows what the implications of that will be

    Alas that is all from me i'm heading over to the politics section sorry to jack the thread with my rant

    thats really fucked up hope the 9 year old is okay and that kid gets whats comin to em
  6. Hope the kid goes to jail for a long time.

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