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Discussion in 'General' started by brownstain, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. I love the zombie jesus part.
  2. that guy is going to hell.
  3. go to the front page and read the family circus parodies. just go down the page a little. they some racist sons-o-bitches, but i hind it funny for some reason, in a sick way.

    EDIT: he\'ll cume to your house and beat you with a lead pipe! lol
  4. Lol \"take that u jews, muslims, martians, whatever you are!!!\"

    good find lol
  5. no hes not. Infact. Nobody in the history of earth has ever gone to hell.

  6. bullshit. prove it.

  7. He doesnt need to. If we base ourselves upon scientific facts. When you die, your brain shuts down, whatever spark of conciousness you have no longer operates, and you become organic matter.

    What you need to prove is that somehow, we have another form of existance, our soul probably in this case, that goes on to some sort of supreme judgement, and either goes to eternal bliss, purgatory, or hell. But there isnt much evidence to support this is there? I mean of course besides a book that is more than 2000 years old, that has been altered numerous times over the course of its existance.

    Why people wont just understand that the bible is total fiction is beyond me.
  8. very well said leboski
  9. i meant that if people had a soul that everyone in history has gone to heaven. can he prove that? what about athiests?
  10. i cant prove it. but you prove that everyone hasnt. exactly you cant. Its just more logical to not believe in heaven or hell. I stopped believe in santa clause wen i was a kid, istopped believeing in the tooth fairy. come on guys, its time to stop believing in heaven and hell too. or believe i dont really care. Im just going to live my life one day at a time and not think about hwat happens when i die. If i do face god and he does send me to hell, im going to call him a fucking pussy for not showing himself. God what a pussy he must be if he cant even show his face to his only \"children\". hahah im not going to debate religion im way too stoned to give 2 dried up shits.
  11. sorry but i\'m high as fucking hell man I believe we are reincarnated maanye
  12. wow guys. it was just a simple joke. why do you guys turn every little thing into a debate that always ends with several people being banned and several others left with hard feelings?

  13. Thats what forums are about man. I mean, if there was a rule against debating, theoretically i mean, then I wouldnt even post, period. Debating is how things are learned, and points of view are shared.
    Yes hard feelings suck, but they\'re natural, and necessary.
    And if it ends up in getting someone banned, then they should be in the first place because they cant argue responsibly.

    my 0.02$
  14. LOL! the images add an entire new element to the descriptions that just make it mad halarious haha. funny, i like the noob one :p
  15. Lmfao..thats aweesome.
  16. I agree, debates are good. It\'s how most of us learn. But this is just stupid. I comment that someone is going to hell, as a joke, and someone comes in and sees that and has to put a smart ass comment like \"actually, no one\'s in hell.\"
    well, actually, I\'m well aware of that fact. Debates over something worth debating are great, but this thread is about zombie jesus, not about weather hell is real or not or if anyone\'s even there. And even so, most of the people who get involved in the debates here, have no idea how to go about it the right way. Whenever I see a debate here, there will be 1 or 2 good points to each side, and the rest is just an immature mess.

    *edit* I just noticed that guy got banned this morning anyway.
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