some fucked up hallucinations on zoloft

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  1. im prescribed zoloft, and have been taking it for around 3 months or so. Im on 100 mg's now, and i didnt take any for like the past 2 days, and last night i took it.

    anyways, i was getting really tired around 9:30 but stayed up until bout 11:00, and when i went to bed and turned off my lights, i saw all these robed figures walking around my room. At first i was freaked the fuck out but i just sat there with my eyes wide open and watched everything.

    everyonce in a while, one of them would come up to me and put their face right into mine and i could make out the features of like a demonic looking thing. I look to my left and see like a 7 foot hooded guy looking down at me, just staring and making motions with its arms. I saw black things floating around my room and at one point i swear to god i thought i was like a medium who could see spirits.

    although it was sort of cool because ive never seen shit like that, i dont want it to be like that every night from now on. so was i seeing shit just because i hadnt taken the zoloft in 2 days? or was it because i kept myself up even though i was really tired?
  2. doing both of those together probably made the hallucinations stronger
  3. I take 150mg of zoloft every night - and iv been taking it off and on over 2 years. Im sorry but it doesnt make you hallucinate. maybe u were dreaming? And taking it after not taking for 2 days should make no difference iv done that plenty of times
  4. Idk about Zoloft making you hallucinate, but I'd get your house blessed if I were you.
  5. yea man.. definitely wasn't the zoloft..
  6. hahaha:smoke::hello:
  7. no a side effect of zoloft is possible hallucinations (look it up), and i know i wasn't dreaming because it started when i was walking up the steps to my room

    i did say a prayer just in case lol
  8. I just think you have deamons walking around your room at night.
  9. yeah bro probably...
  10. this cracked me the FUCK up :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  11. The most common Zoloft side effects, according to the Zoloft web site are dry mouth, upset stomach, decreased appetite, fatigue, trouble sleeping, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, tremor, feelings of agitation, indigestion, and increased perspiration. Any Zoloft side effects may appear more pronounced in children, who are also susceptible to such Zoloft side effects as excessive movement or twitching, malaise, trouble concentrating, abnormal thinking, nosebleeds, weight loss, manic or excited behavior, or rapid mood swings.

    These Zoloft side effects are similar to those experienced when taking any form of medication, but some Zoloft side effects are less frequently mentioned, and tend to be more frightening in nature. Among the more serious Zoloft side effects are anxiety, liver problems/failure, convulsions, hallucinations, psychosis and mania. Although many individuals feel that Pfizer does not provide sufficient warning about all the potential Zoloft side effects, especially those that are more severe or life-threatening

    i suggest you get off the zoloft.
  12. I remember reading a book on Motley Crue, and Mars whatever had the same shit.

    He started taking it after he quit drinking and he said it was like a acid trip, hallucinating and shit.

  13. yeh once the zoloft starts working its like your not controlling your own body its a very very fucked up drug
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    Dude I had some fucked up hallucinations off peroxetine, drank the night before on them, then next day i started having hallucinations of cats that melted into the carpet when i got closer and grew to the size of large cougars when i got further away, and they disappeared in light, very vivid in dark, it was quite scary i had predictions on the future and they came true, my cat got ran over next day.
  15. Who you gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS!

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