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Some Frosty bud, name a strain ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Newf44, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. This is some bud i got for 280 an ounce, in Toronto its dank as anything, This is a true picture of my stash jar, if anyone could name a strain id be nice, ps i also got a new camera so the pics will only get better,
    best in a bong !!, :bongin:

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  2. Call it dank
  3. looks like my granddaddy purp
  4. It could be GDP, Lavender, Grape Ape, Purple Urkle. Who knows, just enjoy it :)
  5. looks like some generic purp

    aka any kind of indica leaning hybrid, pick a name at your leisure. How's it taste? If its really up in ya business funky it might be purp nice guy
  6. nice dankness!
  7. Love that purple colour.
  8. how does it smell?
  9. thanks guys really appreciate it, smokes great, happy smoking GC

  10. it doesn't smell as great as it looks, diffident, kinda like fabric softener,, but then you taste it and its great,
  11. Sounds like lavandar.
  12. thank you mj
  13. its impossible to tell what it actually is, go by looks and smell, not a name

  14. I agree. I was told you can't tell by the way it looks. Only the grower would know the strain. But looks like you got your hands on some good stuff. Nice price too! Enjoy!
  15. looks like some no name purple hybrid funk. $280 for an onion of that is what up man, nice pick up!
  16. The reason I think lavander is because the coloring and bud formation is right, and the way he described the taste and smell matches lavandar to a tee. If you look up lavandar pics they are identical to his strain. One cut of lavender is fruity, but one has the floral smell, like he described it smelling like laundry detergent. Normally I wouldn't try to name someone elses strain, but in this case Im about 80% sure. It really doesn't matter what the strain is, but it's fun to guess.
  17. Thanks guys it gets me ripped as fuck, here are a few more for you to drool over ;P:smoke:

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  18. im not to worried about the strain name, my Gf, wanted to know she smoked that weed yesterday, her first time smoking weed, she wanted to know what it was called, ps, she loves lavender, she was ecstatic when i told her it was called lavender, lol, thanks again ps mj nice grow,
  19. you paid 280 for an oucne of that? not bad bro. i would say you are paying a little high,

    i am sure most people from here pay like 210-250 an zip of most things.
  20. yeah it was mostly for my parents, they will pay for quality, and tbh im more in niagara so its a little harder to grab,

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