Some friends came by to jam last night and...

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    Last edited: May 20, 2010's what was recorded. Its just off my phone but somehow sounds great.

    Here's one clip for now, as I have to start getting ready for work. My friend Jason on drums, Greg on bass, and myself on guitar. This is I think the first time we've all jammed together. Its a Fire on the Mountain jam I guess. Unfortunately the recording cuts on the end (I think I got a text message or something) just when it starts to get nice and bubbly. But anyway hope you enjoy, more to come!!

    Also recorded was lots of banter. Listen closely :bongin:
  2. Wow man I can really hear the Garcia in yo' style :cool:
  3. Awesome dude. Thanks a lot. The drummer had no idea what song we got into (he never got into the dead). But he sure did a great job
  4. So before the drums and other guitar got there it was just me and my bassist.

    So we did a little of :smoke: and a little :bongin: so we were all :D and decided to play.

    Part 1 of this is banter & noodling it goes into a jam which is
    Part 2 due to short attention spans, I split the jam and made
    Part 3

    and then we took a short break. :bongin:

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