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Some FIRE Central FL Mango

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by moose420, May 11, 2011.

  1. Grabbed a half oz of this FIREEEE Mango last night. Has a very hazy smell too it with a little bit of a mangoish undertone and as you'll see the shit is crystally and hairy as fuck:smoke:...




  2. awesome man, how much?

  3. Thanks man, got it for 180
  4. +rep, shit looks so tasty. awesome pickup
  5. nice pick up had some mango kush few weeks ago

  6. Appreciate it man shits tasty as hell :smoking:
  7. It comes from Miami. The cheese you may have seen a few weeks ago is from California.

    Its pretty dank shit for being in/from FL. I hate FL laws, cant wait to move out.
  8. Nice dank. Thats seems like a very steep price. But hey, different locations different prices. Nonetheless I still would buy it.

    Great pick up man, looks like a joy to toke :smoke:
  9. M

    Yea u guys are spoiled out in cali haha 180 is the standard for a half o of kind bud here in fl.

    Appreciate the reply though, im def enjoyin it so far...its prob the best mango ive ever gotten my hands on.
  10. That stuff has been floatin around for about a month now! Some of my previous pickups were/are very similar to what your describing...glad to see you are enjoying the mango like I sure did!

  11. Yea it seems like theres a lot of mango in fl in general haha. It had been a few months since my dealer had some and he said he saw this batch and couldnt pass it up..and im def glad he didnt :smoking:
  12. #12 KingFurgalur, May 12, 2011
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    I'm very fortunate with the ganja situation over here. I wish everywhere had good buds for affordable prices.

    But everyones going to do what they have to get the herb, life goes on :smoke:
  13. tons of mango around, still dank though. 180 kinda taxed but its whatever
  14. I can get regular florida krippie for 160 if i wanted to, but it just doesn't compare to the quality of the stuff this connect sells for i moved here from NY where a half oz of something this quality wouldn't go for less then 200 so i'm def not complaining:smoke:
  15. enjoy looks like some straight fire. and much better prices then Ny
  16. looks like som fiya
  17. Dayum..
    Lookin fye to me bro..
    Blaze upppppp!!!!!!!!!!
  18. i get some almost every week, same identical and yes whoever it was this is straight from dade same everytime.
  19. I'm from the 305 too

    Man, I wish I got my hands on dank like that
  20. Oh my lord that looks glorious

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