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SOME FIRE. 1/8th Sour D pickup.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mobilexterror, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. So the past few days my area has been mad dry and it's been a hassle to get bud. All of a sudden starting yesterday all kinds of headies came up. Picked up this 1/8yh of Sour Diesel for $60 with a friend. I'm already sad it's gone, def need to pick up more....
  2. looks pretty damn good bitch! ++rep
  3. very nice. just picked up an 8th for $36, probably gonna fire it up tomorrow
  4. It looks like some bomb nugs.

    But to me, doesn't look like the SD I'm accustomed to seeing. SD isn't quite so dark, I thought.

    But hey, I'm not a botanist.
  5. lol....does anyone else think it looks like half hash half bud?!?!?!
  6. Naw. That's pure chronic. Just darker.

    Half Hash/Half Bud. Man. Sounds good right around now. :smoke:
  7. doesnt resemble any sour d ive ever smoked but enjoy that shit dude!
  8. I'm also have to say it looks a bit dark forr Sour D, but it still looks potent, I mean look how dense it is. How was the smoke?
  9. Hehe. I called it. SCORE.

    Not to demean your pick-up. Still looks sexy as all hell.
  10. those are some pretty fire nugs my friend. Wouldn't mind a few, they look amazing..
  11. Nice pickup. Sour Diesel is some fire... great looking nug too
  12. i wish your weighing system was like that over here a lot more easyer
    we would call that a 10 bag in england and you probs would even get that much from some dealers
  13. ya that looks nothing like sour diesel...

    ... but it looks like some fire.
  14. nah looks like the grower knew what he was doin and waited for the bud to resinate
  15. What are you talking about mate? Everyone I know refers to bud the same way.. 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 etc. Also, a tenbag around these parts is a half 8th, that would cost me £20.
  16. Eh regardless if its Sour Diesel or not, it was some power. I'm lovin' this new connect. I went to him to grab my friends a 1/4 earlier and he threw in an extra blunts worth of weed to me for hookin' up with the kids buying the 1/4. Then my friends even threw me a 20 for helping them out. Gotta love it.
  17. In the ephemeral words of Alex from Grandma's Boy: "Man I don't give a fuck what its called I just want to buy a bag of weed"

    I can't tell if its Sour D or not, hell I'm not even sure what I've thought was Sour D was Sour D. Dealers will call the weed whatever the fuck they want so long as they think you'll buy it.

    Looks quite dank though, grats on the hook.

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