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Some excellent afghan hash (pics)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sambo5472, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. So it's been a while since there was some good hashish around here, by wich i mean here in Gent we can always get some good hash across the border in the coffeshops. A friend off mine got his hands on a slab off high quality afghan hash, needless to say i bought some off it right away.

    It's very dark hash, wich is nice cause i love dark hash. It smells quite spicy, hard to describe actually but very nice. The taste is excellent too and it gets u high fast, after a few tokes, but the high isn't that long lasting. Good price too at 5€ per gram, i had manali hash from Miami coffeeshop a few weeks back wich was 8€ per gram and this stuff is definatly better.

    The slab in the pictures is just under 200 grams, pics were taken with my cellphone so the quality isn't very good.

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  2. Damn thats huge. I've never seen such a dark hash either.

    Funny that they stamp it with a logo.

    Lucky you, I pay 35$ for a gram of hash... its great quality, but not a deal like you got.

  3. haha that looks like you got some legit hookup
  4. Greetings,

    Looks absolutely gorgeous. Makes me wish I had the kind of spare cash to buy something like that.

    Enjoy it while it lasts too... the way things are headed, imported Afghan prices are just going to go up.

    Yours Truly,
  5. simply amazing. Never saw that much hash.
  6. Good lord. Enjoy that, man.
  7. Thanks for all the good words my friends.

    At lebowski: whoaw dude 35 bucks is mad expensive for some hashish, the most i ever paid for hash was 18€/ gram and that was in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam for ice-o-lator.

    At the others: u should off seen the other slab he had, it was half a kilo but i took a picture off this one because the half kilo slab was cut right in the middle off the logo and i wanted too show u guys the cool logo. Besides the smell it was the logo that convinced me to immediatly acquire some off this stuff. I had seen big slabs off hashish before but never this kinda off quality with a logo like that.

    At sam spade: i didn't buy the whole slab, i just bought ten grams but i will be going back for more today because all my friends like this hash aswell. I'll probably be buying in the range off 50 grams, who knows when the next time will come when i can get some stuff like this so i better stock up :)
  8. what is the stamped logo made out of? i mean, arent you smoking that stuff also which isnt good?
  9. I didn't buy the whole slab, so there was no gold logo stuff on the piece i bought. Doesn't look too healthy to me too, i'd scrape it off.
  10. nice hash, and not to be a party-pooper, but buying ANY sort of AFGHAN MADE/GROWN drugs is funding their terrorism. They use the drug money to pay for bombs and weapons and such.
  11. Wrong again.

    Afghani hash is produced by the Afghan Alliance, the Afghan NATO allies. So really, buying Afghan Hash helps to FIGHT terrorism.
  12. The War on Drugs is some confusing shit, ain't it?
  13. now imagine if our country got nuked just because OP wanted some hash....lmao

  14. Yeah it is pretty steep, but luckily, im not getting some dry low quality hash... I actually get some of the highest quality dry-sift and bubble bag hash you can make.

    The first is bubble bag OG hash, gooey and sticky at room temperature, makes it hard to work with:


    This is Pure Kush dry sift 100 micron screen hash (100 micron is the smallest grade). Just soft enough to easily work into patties like shown, and it gets transparent when u thin it out:


    For both I pay 35/g. But it is always this quality, so I find it worth it.

    And this is the deal I found, mind you some other dispensaries in my area sell crappy crumbly dry hash for 50/g. Why anyone would dish out 50$ for a gram of anything beats me.
  15. Mmm delicious, makes me wish I had some right now.

    Oh and you can get to 73 microns too. 100 microns seems to be pretty much the same potency too, just different consistency.

    Enjoy it, friend!
  16. can you take another picture with something in it for size comparison? id like to see how big a 200 g slab of hash is
  17. that dont look like hash....looks like a block of rubber

  18. That quality looks quite mind boggling, definatly looks more potent than the ice-o-lator from 18/€ per gr i once had. Anyhow i forgot to take in acount that 35 bucks is only about 22€ and that i would pay for stuff like that. It's like u say 50 bucks is over the top and 35€ is just over 50 bucks so i geuss were on the same level here.

    I'll try it when i go get some new today, keep an eye on this thread my friend.

    So i take it u've never seen some good hash before.
  19. Brilliant Hash, sambo5472! It's nice to see some good afghan on GC!
  20. no...ive made has at home.....just never was that black before....or that.....rubberish looking....idk...maybe its becuase its like 200 grams

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