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Some dro(not sure what kind)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kushi0n, May 5, 2011.

  1. These are some nice lil nugs of an 8th of dro that i got earlier today :) if you look closely it is very crystalized, it has a few bits of orange in it, and it's fluffy.

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  2. Do you mean "dr0" hydroponic or " dro" beasters.
  3. dr0 i guess.
  4. looks nice dude. how does it smoke?
  5. icwutudidthar
  6. it's an okay smoke. i didn't do much coughing at all from 3 long hits. My friend on the other hand hasn't smoked in like a month, so he was coughing up a storm. But yeah it's a pretty good smoke. tastes sourr.
  7. If thats dro to you, I can't even fathom what dank looks like
  8. This shit had the most amazing smell <3
  9. The buds look fine, just small. Probably a cab grow. Nothing at all wrong with that
  10. Looks dank or at least beasters, dro refers to weed grown with hydroponics FYI, so I'd say dank would be a better description unless you know how it was grown.
  11. it was grown hydroponically. lol.
  12. Lots of red hairs goodstuff
  13. this shit is AMAZING <3
  14. looks like some sort of marijuana plant to me.
  15. looks like sour grape
  16. hydro = hollow stems

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