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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by EJM1990, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Here are some drawings of mine, i must say Marijuana does play a huge role in creativity - I love smoking, then drawing and watching what I do come together.

    Feedback is welcome :] Most say MAYFI which is the name I use when I write Graffiti. (Short for Mayfield, last name)

    (i am not 100% sure how to upload images yet so bear with me)

    High Life



    Genie Canvas (Says Mayfi at top)

    M Canvas

    Recycle Canvas
  2. some sick work. i love how just crazy they are. very different. but i like it :)
  3. Dang dude those are really tight! All of my pictures I draw when I'm high look horrible :[
  4. I wish I could do something like that

    I love the colors they just pop :hello:
  5. thankyou :]
  6. damn bro, you got some talent
  7. pretty tight man.
    how long have u been writing?
  8. some tight stuff bro
  9. Nice work bro
  10. damn, you should be an artist or tattoo artist, that's some sick work

  11. for a while now lol iv been drawing since i was in like 3rd grade, and writing graff since the 4th grade lol honestly but i wasn too serious till I grew a lot older
  12. Man I love the graffiti style but my only criticism is the perspective on the one with the couch. On purpose or no?

    Otherwise the first 3 and the one in the middle of the last three are my favorites. You should design shirts I would buy them.

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