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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sidious, Aug 12, 2003.

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  1. 1/ If you smoke male plants chances are all you\'ll get off it is a sore head!

    2/ Read the guides!....there is one under my link, and also in vataloco\'s post above this one.

    3/ Read the guides again, you\'ve missed a lot of it!

    4/ Heat lamps will not grow your weed, nor black lights, or halogens, the 4 main light souces that best suit the fine herb are as follows:-

    a) HPS (High Pressure Sodium) best all rounder, gives off a red spectrum, and is ideal in the flowering phase of the plants life.

    b) MH (Metal Halide) gives off a blue spectrum ideally suited to the vegitative stage of the plants life.

    c) Fluros ot cfl\'s.....can grow the plant, however a lot of wattage is required, hence using a MH or HPS, as they by far are better and faster......meaning higher yields and more of them.

    d) Good old sunlight, the best way, however it can be impractical for a lot of growers to grow outdoors as they wish to have a constant production.

    5/ Do not piss in your pots, yes it contains nitrogen, however most probably enough to kill your entire crop.

    6/ Yes the seeds you get in your bag will grow you a MJ plant, however the genetics may not be to your desired taste, hence why a lot of growers buy there seeds from reputible seed banks.

    7/ Light schedules are not complicated, so don\'t make them just that, the three main schedules are as follows

    a) 24/0 or sometimes known as 24/7.......this refers to the light being on for 24 hours a day / or 24 hours a day for 7 days of the week for the desired number of weeks that plant needs to mature enough to be flowered,or to your desire, this is known as the \"vegatative stage.\"

    b) 18/6 this means on for 18 hours and off for the remaining 6, and as above till the plant has matured enough to be flowered, or the height you desire, this is also a vegatative light schedule.

    c) 12/12 this means on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours, this scheduule is used to force the plant to flower, by mimicing the on-set of winter, the female plant will flower in the hope of receiving pollen from the male plant, and produce seeds....hence not having any males polllinate your females means you have \"sensemilla\" or seedless buds,this schedule is used in the \"flowering\" phase.

    8/ One plant per\'s not too difficult to do....honest!......if you put more than one in the pot, the roots will get entangled, and you may lose all the plants you have in the pot......good sizes to use are 3 gallon pots and 5 gallon pots, which will see the plant through from seed to bud if need be.....remember the bigger the pot, the more room it has to

    9/ Water the plant approx once a week, during flowering the plant will require more water....this is check whether or not the plant need to be watered, poke your finger approx 1\" into the soil, if it feels moist then leave it a day or 2 more, if it feels dry then water it.

    10/ Fertilise approx once every 2 weeks \"Overfertilizing and overwatering kills more plants than the government does every year.\" quote BPP...........some growers will use more ferts and more frequently, but until you have a few grows under your belt, it\'s best to KISS....(Keep It Simple Stupid)

    11/ You cannot grow a marijuana plant takes approx 3-4 months to grow a plant from seed to bud....and then if you like a good smoke, you have to dry and cure properly, so as not to get a very sore throat.

    Well good luck and happy growing.........Peace out...........Sid
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