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Some dealer advice please!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sllik13, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Alright so, Iv known my dealer forever, he was my brothers best friend(my brother is a pansy) and he is real cool, I don't even know how they were friends, but he hung out with my brother for a while and when he would spend the night, I would hang out with him(at that point I didn't know he sold weed and I didn't do weed) We would sneak out, walk around, smoke a cigerette, have some fun. Anyways, in the future, I saw him while we were on the street buying from this random guy, (2nd time smoking weed) and he happen to live near there so he pulls up in his car. He ask what me and my friend were doing and I said we are trying to buy some weed, and he pulls out like 2 ounces of weed and said ill sell you some. So from then on he has been selling us like 10 dollars a gram of something called High Mid. I don't even know if we are getting all the weed we are suppose to be getting though, I never see it weighed or anything, so I really don't like buying from him, but he drives it to my house, buys me stuff, and he hangs out with me, hes just cool. So anyways, I really feel like im getting ripped off for 10 dollars a gram of High Mid, he asks me all the time if I want to buy stuff, and I feel as if im getting just like ripped, but the weed is pretty good, its potent. Hes my only option pretty much, any advice on getting 5 dollars a gram for the stuff im getting? Any way to talk to him or tell him? I don't want cheaper shit though, but I feel as if im getting ripped. Advice please :D it would be very very helpfull! :smoke:
  2. He seems like a pretty solid guy, although im not sure on the prices where your from here its aprox $20 for 1.7g. If you feel your getting ripped just talk to him - when I first started out smoking I was getting ripped big time then one day I decided I was sick of it and laughed at him when he tryed giving me like a bongs worth for $20 and since then i've been getting what I should. or if you don't want to ask your brother to talk to him I'm sure he would help.
  3. My brother would rat me out. Hes a pansy as I told you.
  4. You didn't say he didn't smoke, my brothers a pansy but he still gets stoned with me.
    But yeah, best thing to do is stand up to him - I'm sure any dealer would prefer a buyer he gives what hes meant to than no buyer at all.
  5. Ive come to find that dealers that call people to try to make a sale are desperate and tend to skimp or overprice. Real dealers wait for you to call them, IMO.
  6. The only problem is, he liderally just got a job, and he really DOESN'T need the money, so he could just tell me to fuck off and I wouldn't have a dealer anymore :eek:
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    Not really, mine never skimps and if he does he tells you and makes it up on the next buy (usually when its the last hes got) and he rings people whenever he gets a new stock or needs to get some money in to get his next stock.

    Well the only thing I can suggest then is get some scales and see if you get the right amount if your not tell him, if he tells you to fuck off so be it - find a new dealer, hes not worth it.
  8. get a scale, then you can figure out if he or any dealer is ripping you off.
  9. Get a new dealer.
  10. dude your buying grams. buy an ounce and save it. smoke some when you need it. youll save a bundle. instead of paying 10/gram, youll be getting an ounce for around 200 saving 80 dollars. basically, then you would get grams for 7.14 dollars each. have the discipline to save up the money and youll save a ton of money. better yet, grow your own for personal use. later
  11. How would I be saving 80 dollars? Its 10 dollars a gram and 28 grams are in an ounce, I wouldn't be saving anything. The dealer is not going to give me 8gs free.
  12. Normally you get a price cut when you buy bigger amounts. This is how it is where I live.

    $20 1g
    $25 1.75g
    $50 3.5g
    $100 7g
    $170 1/2 Oz
    $300 Oz

    Buy in bulk!!
  13. Well here is what I suggest you to do.
    1. BUY A SCALE.
    2. WEIGH IT OUT.
    3. ?????????????
    4. PROFIT!
  14. If you buy bigger amounts you get a price cut. For example i buy 8ths for 50 but really a 8th is 3.5 grams. If i bought each gram separate that would be 70 bucks. In your case since you pay 10 a gram I think you would be paying anywhere from 120-150
  15. OP:
    $10 a gram for high mids buying at gram quantities is actually a pretty damn good price, *and* he buys you shit, *and* he delivers it...

    Sounds like he just likes hanging out with you lol, don't fuck it up because you're paranoid.
  16. 120-150 an ounce?
  17. where do you live? ask others how much they pay for a gram. in my area, a gram is $10, so i dont think ur getting ripped off, but it depends on ur area.

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