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Some dank weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by brett119, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Pretty decent smoke. Picked up an 8th for 35 that's all my guy had left. Oz's of the same stuff go for 260

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  2. Its dense as fuck. As far as the high goes I'd say its about 60/40 indica

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  3. id shit my pants if i got that for 35 a 8th.
    20 a g here, there?
  4. Looks like a strain called M39 that used to come around :smoking:

    This looks alot danker though... nice pickup!
  5. Loving those hairs!
  6. Im in Pa man. 35 8th, 70 qtr 130 1/2 and 260 a zip. I usually get a z at time. I was paying top dollar for bud for the last 3-4 years and just got this hook up a few months ago. Buds usually fire like this. You just gotta know the right people. I've know this guy since I was like 3 years old, didn't know he was selling weed up until recently. 2700 a lb if your wondering
  7. I'll take some better pics. All I have left are some baby nugs. Its snowing here so I have to wait until tomorrow to grab some, either a 1/2 or a full one depending on what my wallet looks like
  8. Damn man looks like some dank,
    fuck 27's though...spent way too much money smokin those on a daily basis last year
  9. Yea man I need to quit smoking cigs. I smoke about half pack a day. Here's some more pics. Recently I was paying up to 330 for a zip so I was shocked to hear the price on this since I live in a non med state. The quality is always good and price never changes so im happy

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  10. **** **** 2700 a lb of THAT stuff. I have a friend who gets HP's for 1350, but I wasn't too impressed with the bud even though it was dank, it just wasn't dank dank ya know?
  11. hp of this would be 15
  12. Great looking bud. Jealous of seeing people getting 35$ 1/8's...out in AZ an eight of dank is 50 or 55
  13. Damn you guys are close to cali, no way should it be that high
  14. Looks flame, I pay 300 a Oz.
  15. I had a really nice batch of M39 recently, just wasn't as trimmed as this. But it would've looked similar if it was. OP's stuff looks nicer though, and better be nicer if it's 260 an oz!

    edit: oh, he's not in Ontario. Price makes more sense then!
  16. Ahh good ol' Ontario M39 :smoking:
  17. OP not to steal your thunder but here's a picture I took 8+ years ago of some M39. Its a bad picture and not the best nug but oh man, does it ever bring back memories thinking about it!

  18. That looks like some fire man. Who knows the stuff I have atm could be m39. Is m39 more indica dom? this stuff I'd say is 60/40 indica. Doesn't really leave you burnt out like most strong indicas
  19. Nothing better than good dank except good priced dank! Happy toking my man keep repping PA!

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