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Some dank purp from Minneapolis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NorthMN_Lights, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. My buddy and i went down to the cities from up north yesterday and picked up and oz and half of some pretty dank purp. we are paying 400/oz but its the best bud in the area for sure! here are some pics! it doesnt look the best but when you smoke it you can taste the purple. we also went to clown glass which is the best glass shop in the cities! i got a new jar. the guy who was working threw a piece on the ground just to show us how tough there pieces really are! Here some pics of all of my pick ups yesterday! cant wait to watch football all day and get baked!:hello::hello: This is just my quad that i kept for personal.

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  2. Definitely some real nice bud but i don't think i would pay 400 and O for it.
  3. this was the first time we got bud from a hookup that a friend in the cities gave us. we are getting it on front but after we do it a couple times he said he will give us a better deal.
  4. That's not purp dude. Purple weed is, well.......purple. Which this is not. Still some nice bud though dude.
  5. There's a lot of strains that have purple in the genetics and have that purple taste without actually having the plant turn purple, nice bud OP.
  6. dude!! obviously you dont smoke much or get good purp then cuz it dont have to have purp on the plant to taste like it and have a purp bud high! all we get around here mostly is purp so trust me dude i know
  7. dude, i need to get these fuckin' hookups in the cities, i'm dry as a fucking...menopausal woman here!
  8. LOL we got lucky when are friend moved there she got in with a couple good ppl and now its paying huge dividends! just takes time and talking to ppl.
  9. not always true but thats okay
  10. Buds are looking good. I just got some purple from my dealer. He said it was out of the citites.
    Happy blazing bro:smoke::smoke:

  11. yeah, people here are so tight-lipped about their connections though, no one i know is willing to share. if you got any ideas hit me up via PM, bro
  12. i love that type of bud. great pickup. would love to go throw an ounce and a half of stuff like that.
  13. Nice bud, I just grabbed some purple that looked like those on thursday. I work at clown :wave:

  14. That was possibly one of the worst attempts at a joke that I have seen on GC.
  15. Interesting green.

    I'd let it cure a bit, seems like it may help, but looks like a good smoke.
  16. 218 all day:smoke::smoke:

  17. That sounds sketchy as hell.. and against the rules. Yeah it is some really good bud, gets you blazed:smoke:

    218 hell yeah where at? Thats were I reside.
  18. Looks dank bro nice pick up
  19. I'm from the cities and my buddy and I got the same stuff. It's sooooo good!

    And Clown is the best shop ever. I've been there a few times. Never got anything, but it's an awesome place!

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