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Some dank nuggets from my stash jar

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by shadowreef, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. The first one is Light's out, and the other two are some no name. Salad bowl of all three=:hippie:
  2. ha like the photography as much as the bud

    good shit
  3. Nice buds, also nice Westie in your sig haha, I have one too he is awesome.
  4. ha i have a westie too

    nice sig indeed
  5. i don't have a westie, but i like the dank buds :D
  6. ive never even heard of a westie but i have heard of that sticky icky.
  7. ah. i thought brown marks on white dogs come from tears, why are they on his chin?
  8. Not a westie, but still a cool dog.


  9. lol yeah i know about the brown marks from the chin

    i think they may just be from sniffing around on the ground outside...

    white things get dirty easy ya know?

    but he just got his gay haircut from petsmart the other day :eek:

  10. whatddya ya mean

    not a westie?

    west highland terrier?

    or are you talking about your dog isnt one...thats what im assuming .


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