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some DANK i picked up recently

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Joecudi, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Good shit but dealer said he didn't know the strain :(

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  2. So? Good bud with no name is still good bud. Looks nice. :smoking:
  3. Looks pretty good and as longs as it world then good stuff!
  4. True haha
  5. Thanks
  6. Some good looking nugs, love me some bright green bud. How much did you pick up and what did you pay if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Picked up 4gs and its 20 a g in Dallas . Best price I can get for some dank
  8. Yeah 20 a g here too, but no price break for buying more? Does your guy just sell by the gram? Should tried too grab a 8th for 60 that's the most expensive 8ths I've seen. Usually you get a price break when getting a 8th or more. Anyways some quality herb you got for sure.
  9. $20 a g....I would kill myself
  10. lol i get about $2.78 for a gram of some dank fiya
  11. Yeah he just sells by the gram
  12. Yeah people even try selling mids or low dank for 20 it's lame
  13. In Central Texas it's around 20 buck a g. Best price around here I can find is 140 a q
  14. Damn 140 a quarter? I thought PA had bad prices, a lot of people pay 120 a quarter here and that's the absolute most I've ever seen a quarter go for. You guys must not be finding good dealers, I've never heard of a dealer not giving price breaks when buying a 8th or more.
  15. I certainly wouldn't throw that shit out of my bowl. Nice pickup sir.
  16. Looks very nice. But the price sounds not so nice.
  17. Yeah :(

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