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Some Dank and milkshot!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by The_Joker, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. heres some really funky stuff i just picked up earlier that is a little fresh but very dank. after a night in the jar it will be some superb smoke,:D
    little bit of black and white action:D
  2. I like that Milkshot. That look like a frosty Christmas nugget. How does it smell and taste? How's the high? Is it more sativa based of indica?

  3. thanks man, the smell was skunky with a hint of fruityness to it when you squeeze the sticky buds. the taste is very nice with a fruity aftertaste, i would say its more on the sativa side but definitely a hybrid of somesort, just some local grown funk.+rep for your Q's
  4. Beautiful buds man. Bet that shit stinks up the room? How much did you pay? If you don't mind me asking.
  5. dammmmn thats gotta be some good smoke. haven't seen heads like that in a minuet
  6. Damn!!!! Those are some sexy buds!!! And the milkshot looks sweet!!! + rep!!!

  7. its got a pretty pungent smell and it was some 60 and eighth stuff, shit is so sticky though its had me lit since the chillum i smoked on the way to college this morning, tastes amazing too.
  8. BUMP for how damn good this dank is, after a day in my jar it is got me racing,lol.:eek:
  9. That herb looks superb.
  10. shit looks beautiful...
    how much it run you????

  11. the usual 60 an eighth, the price around my area only fluctuates between 50/100 and 60/120 depending on dankness. 60 is also usually the price for named strains, this one just didnt have a name but i a sure you it is some fire, im bout to smoke a bowl of it now. too bad im almost out.:(
    oh well theres always somethin new around here:D:smoking:
  12. good shit dude.

  13. thanks a whole bunch dude, im bought to finish this sack off. hate to see great chronic go, but damn do i love smoking it,lol.
  14. Pretty damn good man. People around here would try to pass that off for $70 and that's a little rich for my blood, at least right now. Happy smoking on that shit man. And i know how you feel about watching that chronic go. It's so sad but it's so good. Bittersweet i think would be the word for it.
  15. How have you let me miss your threads?
    So great.
  16. the problem that troubles me too...:smoking::smoking:
  17. that shit looks fuggin diggity-dank!

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