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    Whats up!

    Well, I been sittin here for a while just contemplating to myself different thoughts that are basically always in the back of my head, so i thought i'd spill em' out here..Anyways, i just wanted to remind yall not to let cash overwhelm your life. In other words, don't live for this printed paper cause its just that...printed paper. The value of it is all in your mind. We all know the current system wants us to follow all the bullshit, spending our lives working these low wage jobs all just to pay a shit load of taxes and a shit load of bills...but you cant let it get to you! i know some of you experience some hard ass times in this lifetime...but just know that you must not let it break must be strong enough to where IT will break trying to break you....u know what im saying? We are allowing ourselves to become enslaved and we dont even know it. Its reverse psychology.....they make people believe that spending their life working and getting cash is what we are supposed to do with our lives here on this great earth. It's sad man. So i say this, dont worry about how you spend your cash, money comes and goes. What you need to worry about is how you spend your time, because that is what we really spend as we live out our moments here. Cherish the times and the moments, they are a gift and you can learn so much from them if you try to search for the deeper meaning.. The flesh is not the ending to life but this experience we call life is a gift. And some may feel life is not a gift but that is only due to the current systems put in place today that are forcing people to become enslaved to it whether they know it or not, causing immense amounts of stress. Overall...i just wanted to remind yall to stay strong and push through the bullshit. Live a life with peace and light. Nobody can stop a strong soul and nobody can stop a strong mind. if you dont currently read or do any researching online...i would encourage you to do so. Expand your knowledge man... meditate...become strong from the inside and you will be able to push through anything. peace and love!

    yes, this is what im jammin to at the moment while i type this lol
  2. The value of paragraphs is not >_> Some friendly advice.

    Anyways, good on ya man. Material things always disappear eventually - better to realise it sooner than later so you can focus on the more important stuff!
  3. everything material will disappear 100% for everyone.... physical death is inevitable.
  4. ' up your treasures in heaven, for the treasures of earth shall rust..'
  5. I feel you bro. PM me.

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