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    "Las vegas, the nexus for grief, industry, and strangers. I walk through the valley of malice and I see evil, I hear evil, and I am evil. A product traveling on a conveyer belt to my demise. I carry myself with ease, questioning my subtle ideas as I jump to conclusions without reasoning. I hide behind my face for I can't escape my own mind. There are too many tunnels I have to choose from, too many options. I demand independance but I require dependance. I stand beneath the moonlight, only moving within the spotlight as I search for direction. I dare not step outside into the pitch black for I may get lost. I wander perplexed. I hold tight onto the brace of my perception, only hoping that someday I might have the will to let go. On the conveyer belt to my demise, I do not dare jump off. I could get lost in a factory of threatening faces, I could lose my way. I know that there is a exit door within the vacinity of my reality, but do I want to leave yet? Shall I stay and absorb all that I am? Or shall I push forward, into my own esoteric existance in search of my other half. Was he lost along time ago? Did I see the checkpoint in time in which I changed? Have I lost my mind, or have I just found it. The corridors of my path seem short, as if I must crawl to reach the other side. I don't want to spend a life on my knees, I want to live on my feet. What If I want to die in someones arms? If I die on my feet, the fall down will seem very far. What If I have unfinished business to attend too? Who will carry on my earthly legacy? A entity of myself can't truely exsist. Shall I be buried beneath the surface, and seep into the earth from which I came, Or shall I burn, and drift into the ambient sky. Will my ashes live on? Or shall they bio-degrade? I don't want my life to degrade. Im a piece to a puzzle, but I may not have a chance to see the beauty of it complete. Where is the innovation? Why do I look ahead while I should be searching within? My spiral is twirling too fast, I have lost control and now I am crumbling at my own will. I am perpetual on the inside, but I have come to a solid halt. I stand now in my own footprint, I cannot turn back and retrace my steps. I dare not look back because I fear that I am there, staring at myself from behind. Watching my stride intricatly, recording my steps. I have become a prototype of my higher self. I have condemed myself to search for my other half in my own obscure alternate reality. I am blinded by my own light. I have hidden my own secrets. I have destroyed the clues and thrown away the facts. Now I am left with a entity. A entity of something that could be and may be. I now only know what I have been. My two sets of eyes watch eachother. How can I feel solipsism when I know that I am two. How can I be alone when I have myself. ":smoking:

    How was it?
  2. Very good, I'm lovin it! nice work
  3. Thanks man. :)
  4. i love the "or should i push forward into my own esoteric existence" it sounds really good
  5. Can I ask what you were thinking/going through when you began writing this? I'm just curious, but I like it :)

  6. Well, this is actually what im going through right now.

    I can't figure out what triggered such feelings, but once I had a taste of a twisted perception, I couldn't stop manifesting it.

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