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some crazy pics of plants

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by gr0wer, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. check out these pics i found on overgrow! Looks like a soiless grow in coco coir?

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  2. I have no idea. why is it leaning over like that? Did the stem break or did it just grow at that angle
  3. The reason is simple, look at the plant its just one massive bud! I have more pics i will post later.
  4. Another cool pic. This would be cool to do someday for fun. this looks like it was soiless too.

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  5. And finaly a real Sea Of Green grow!

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  6. feel free to poat any other cool plant pics!
  7. then first one looks like the lowryder strain, it just grows one big bud from seed....lol......but quite small, and expensive for seeds..........Peace out........Sid
  8. dude that second one is crazy. it like grows down then back up again. it reminds me of one of those lants my mum hangs on our front porch. killer.
  9. That first picture may just be the biggest single bud I've ever seen, very tasty looking!
  10. another big industrial grow, this one in Jamaica

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  11. great pictures grower....damn...there is a heaven out there...hahaha. Amazing pics
  12. Sweet pictures man, keep em coming!
  13. How do you get the plant like that in pic 1 (one big bud) cuz that is what I hope to do
  14. first off its probably genestcs that the main factor as sid said, and second it was probably a loosely spaced sog SO THE LIGHT CAN GET LOWN LOW ON THE PLANT (oops caps) or it was under a ehtemly hight watt bulb like a 1k. aslo the fact that it was grown hydroponicly makes the buds bigger.
  15. In the field pics how would you grow good plants if there are so many of them wouldnt it be hard to find the male plants in that big mess of nummy green nug. im just sayin, i still wouldn mind having that in my back yard
  16. Its prob seeded crop. But i bet he still pullls teh males he can get. theres no way of keepinga crop that large seedless because of hermies that might go unoticed and other grows or wild grows nearby.
  17. Id say that first pic has already been cut from a big tree and put in to a pot or the stem has snaped cuz look at it, woldnt the leaves be facing up towards the light unless the light is on the side of it and they have forced it to grow side ways to the light.

    and that second pic is crazy I wonder what it would be like to smoke
  18. It was most likley a SOG grow, So all the plants around it supported it or he could've had strings from the celing to the plants like some areo guys have to do when there plants are too tall and heavy to support themself.

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