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Some crazy but cool news

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. I was just watchin the news and saw that the city and county of Santa Cruz california is sueing the DEA. They filed the suite yesterday in court.

    They are sueing because earlier in the yr the DEA raided a huge medical marijuana field that was used for sick paitents approved by the state of california, the lawsuite is trying to get the courts to ban the DEA from doing any more raids on medical fields.

    Its about time a whole city and county stand up for the fight for marijuana, it shows that not every is just some stoner potheads and that there are seriously sick people out there that need weed.
  2. I hate to be a pessimist but Santa Cruz is probably going to lose the suit. The farthest it can go is the Supreme Court which is a part of, guess what, the federal government. And federal law supercedes state law according to the constitution anyway.

    This lawsuit is still definately a step in the right direction though. Even if its only purpose becomes a sortof wakeup call to congress its worth going through with it 100%. As long as there are closed minded ignoramuses running this country peoples' rights will be violated and the fight will continue.
  3. yeah i know they will lose but having a whole city and a whole county support bud so much that they sue the DEA is a huge step in showing the government how wrong they are about their thoughts toward weed.
  4. its a good step and im hoping theres some sort of change. now all we need is the state of california vrs the dea, or better yet america
  5. haha...thats cool, i was just reading the article in High Times about that, then found this thread...The owners of the land were trying to be peacfull, but agents were pushing them around and shit.. doesn't seem right..
  6. kewl, bout time the DEA getts a nice ass kickin!! i hope they lose!
  7. yeah kb_124 is right theres a article in high times about the wife and husband that owned the medical farm that got raided.....right after the raid the city of santa cruz had a weed giveaway and gave out weed right in front of city hall to sick people, even the mayor and vice mayor where there handin out weed. Its great to see a whole city and community come together and support the cause and realize that these people arent drug addicted criminals they are dying sick people who want their pain eaised.

    But yeah the more shit like this happens the better cause once one place does it other places start to follow. Just like how you are starting to see more and more states approve medical marijuana, from what ive been readin in the news New York is proally gonna be the next state to approve medical marijuana.
  8. oh yeah one more thing, i doubt we will win the lawsuit against the DEA but i just read a article talking about the lawsuit and theres some really good legal questions that are going to be brought up during the case, we may not win but we will opens peoples eyes....heres the link:
  9. there was a case a looooong time ago that went to the supreme court. the person who brought it there lost because the state he lived in didn't have one of the passages in it's constitution that the federal government had in it's constitution. my point being... why did he lose if federal constitution was supposed to trump state constitution?

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