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  1. I was going to post links to the sites to download these programs for yourself. But, I can't find where I got them from!

    If you'd like, I can send them to you through icq. My number is 104144942

    Both of these are completely free. Zone alarm is free for personal use only.

    #1. Zone Alarm. (1.7 meg)
    If you have a constant connection to the internet, this program will toggle internet access on and off in less than a second. It provides automatic locking if the internet has been idle for a set number of minutes. I'm not really up on hacking, but I suppose that with enough know-how, one might be able to breech the security. It's a pretty cool program, and I always have it running.

    #2 Xteq x-setup. (2.8 meg) (Weird name, cool program)
    This program makes changes that would normally be difficult to make to windows possible (Sorry, aero; might be handy on your laptop, but not your apple). It makes tons of settings available that I didn't even know existed.

    Let me know if you'd like them. Either here or by email/icq.

    Zonelabs is not where I remember getting my copy of zone alarm, but they have a copy available at that link. I'm still looking for a link to the windows utility.

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  2. A person who has a cable modem is particularly at risk or a hack. Most DSL connections ( I believe ) have a firmware firewall built in. With cable modems it is alot easier to hack than DSL ,unless you have a good firewall installed ,and I've heard good things about Zone Alarm from another friend who does networks. :)Damn ,I just remembered a hack tracer I saw somewhere ....I'll go look for back in a flash (and a toke of coarse :))
  3. bud, the last file you sent me took 2 hours lol i don't think ill be dl soon. lol, that game is cool tho, just the file is BIG lol
  4. I have a 486 with 4MB of RAM... :) Gotta love it LOL

  5. 4 megs, huh. I have 4 megs also that I could send you if it would be useful.
    My PS2 took a shit one day when I plugged the mouse in with the computer running. Everybody tells me that shouldn't have been a problem, but the computer was just fine until I did that, and has not worked a day since.
    We should figure out if my memory would fit in your machine (if you have any more room for more chips, too).

    And thanks for finding a link to the second program I listed. :D
  6. 4mb of RAM?


    I just upgraded (that's why I've been away for a bit) to a 1.1GhZ\452 MB SD-RAM\64 MB RAM in my Video Card. = )

    Yay! :eek:
  7. Wow 4mb of ram lol are you in the year 2000? I don't even know how you manage to do anything with that. Time for an upgrade.
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    This thread is from 2001. you're close
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  9. Uh yeah they literally are, look at the thread creation date. What are you, some sort of time traveler?
  10. This is a peasant thread from the dark ages
  11. This really made me smile,Just a good dude trying to help.

    Also made me sad that this is a 17 year old thread bump, 17 years!! fucking time...
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