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Some cool stuff i have to share with you guys...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ryax, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. In relation to my last post about "Wtf happened to my weed?", i got some Northern Lights i'd like you all to see. However i'd like to show you guys my huge double-long swisher sweet (idk why swisher sweet, i didnt buy the blunts i just rolled it).

    p.s. the kief "rock" is from the shitty looking nugs i got from my last batch.. kief dont look too bad though eh?

    northern lights
    this shot aint too good but this weed is pretty fuckin' good. hehe
    some pressed kief from somewhat shitty looking nugs out the last pickup
    My double-long swisher sweet burned perfect between 15 people for a hour and some change,
    probably only about 6-8g's in it (dro, not exotics).

    Tell me if you guys like some of my stuff! thx :smoke:
  2. looks sick but that blunt doesnt look like 6 - 8 grams to me
  3. you're right i think i had alot of weed left over that i couldnt fit in it. that blunt was from awhile ago lol
  4. 15 ppl.....damn thats a bit too many
  5. I dont know what you all talking about ... my buddies and I smoked a 7 gram blunt between 4 of us less than an hour ago it was gone in like less than ten mins .. I have never seen a blunt burn for more than 15 - 20 mins even for extra special do Bob Marley proud , full of best humboldt has to offer blunt .... I think bluntz are all hype and image I would rather hit a good hookah like this one here.....


    even has a smiling Bob Marley medallion on it ...... ice cooled double water filtered , four seater , now dont that make you wanna push you momma's momma out here seat at hookah and sit for a hit ?

  6. I don't wanna sound like a dick, but you guys must be smoking shitty blunts. When a blunt lasts LESS than 15 minutes is when I'm surprised. Much less a quarter in a blunt. That should burn for a while..
  7. Dude I am not trying be rude or a dick either but man i grew up in humboldt and been smoking for 30 years ..... that last blunt I mentioned was smoked sitting next too this playing ps3 with my 4 homies .... trust me we know how too smoke maybe we just a bunch toke hards ?????


    wish I could say this my sick set up , but alas that would be a lie ...... its my bro's tho and thats just as good here in da Boldt
  8. My blunts burn for a good 30 minutes and if its green leaf dutches like 45 minutes. Sometimes they burn too long and I'm done going through my usual blunt ride route and I have to put them out. Or the tobacco gets to my head and I have to stop smoking it.

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