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some CO2 generation tips

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by midweststoner, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. [QUOTEYeah the fire inside the closet sounds like a great way to make CO2. You
    should try it and post pictures before it burns the house to the ground.


    which is why these lanterns have a safety on them, that extinguishes them if they tip over.
  2. i dont think its the tipping over would be the biggest concern, If you read above i have heated ice fishing shantees with them. At 0 degrees out side i could keep a 6x4x8 room 65 easy. It may not start a fire ratherway overheat your plants unless they are in a large room or you have great ventalation
  3. I've been looking for a way to add co2 to my room also, and was thinking of trying to use those little self lighting charcoal"s you use to burn your stash in a Hooka. I figure I can just hang a small incense burner from the ceiling over my grow and burn them in their. They only burn for about 45 minutes. I've researched alot on the net and found that burning charcoal does emit co2 so i was wondering if anyone else had tried this and if they had any results good or bad.
    I'm going to give it a shot, but I don't have anything to measure the co2, so I won't really know if it's doing anything, it's also my first indoor grow soi have nothing to compare to. I know it's not a permanent solution, but I have alot of those charcoals so burning some of them in the room isn't gonna kill me, plus I have alot of time right now.
    And thanks to all who posted their ideas, I also have a kerosene lantern on the way after reading this thread.
  4. I've thought about that as well, and burning incense, candles, etc.

    For me, candles = too risky. Not only can I lose my candle, the whole plant, but your stash, your apartment or house!

    Incense = polluted air for plants?

    Charcoals= smokeless kind.... good idea? Not too knowledgeable about the specific byproducts of burning the smokeless hookah charcoal, and I wouldn't want to try it unless I were. But that aside, it offers a promising option if used in a secure ashtray or glass plate away from fire hazards (or safely prepped and monitored).

    If you try it, be sure to give us your report, for better and worse!

    nanu nanu
  5. oh yeah, and ever seen one of those CO2 test kits at the local hydro store? Maybe HD, Lowes, Grainger, or some chemist suppliers would have em, I can't imagine they'd be too hard to come across.

    nanu nanu
  6. I like the mushroom idea, but dont they need damp dark areas to grow?
  7. Yeah man, I just ordered a cheap little tester online. It's worth a shot just to see how much it increases the level in the room, I don't think it could hurt, but thinking has got me in trouble before:D

    I'm able to monitor the room frequently so hopefully if anything bad happens I catch it quick. I'll post back any positives or negatives I see.

    And hell yeah, I'm lovin that mushroom idea too, that's something to look into.

  8. Well the good thing about trying a hurricane lamp is, after you find out what a dumb idea it was, you can use the glass to make a DIY cool-tube. I seen a few cool tubes made from that glass. They say no idea is a bad one.... I disagree, introducing a flame and a fuel source to a closed space, seems foolish at best. Not to mention the extra heat it will produce, that will cause you to vent out the room and loose any co2 gains you may have achieved. Find a cool source of co2. The home brew wont hurt anything (just your nose), dry-ice seems ultra scientific (spooky fog), BB gun co2 cartridges will help and give a means to keep your neighbor's dog off your lawn (pow!), mushrooms are great with salad and might make some co2 for ya, and talking/singing to your plants works. I tried singing to my plants, it killed two of them. So now I just read poetry.

    Bottom line. What is safe, makes no negitive effects, and wont cost alot if used 90 days straight? I tried to get away from using tanks. But I found no working way that costed less. I bet you would pay more for kerosene then bottled co2 if you can go 90 days without burning the place down to the ground.

    Peace, R.
  9. well, a flame thats no bigger then that of a candle flame isn't going to raise temps that much, if at all. when burning candles in your house, does it raise your room temp? no. and if you have problems containing co2, you will no matter what source it's from. i run my exhaust fan on a timer, so the co2 has time to do it's job. this may not be the best idea, but if you have a safe lantern, it's doable.
  10. Can whoever put the ambush audio on this post PLEASE take it off? And please don't do it anymore, not exactly the best netiquette. Thanks.
  11. I try and maintain an even temperature in my grow, so I plug my exhust fan into a thermostat. I would not recommend pluging your cooling system into a timer. I would rather have normal air then un-even temps or an over-heated grow. I found the best thermostats to be the ones made by Ranco. They are $45 unwired (ebay) and $70 wired to an extension cord. Very simple to wire your self.
  12. That looks like a nice tool Rumple, would you recommend the Gen 1 Co2 machine, my buddy is offering me his for 100$.


    SoCal pride!
  13. i guess that i assumed that wiring up a thermostat would be hard, or at least harder than that. damn, for $45 i'm going to order one asap. thanks.
  14. http://www.bghydro.com/BGH/Itemdesc.asp?ic=ACO2EF&eq=&Tp=

    Excellofizz CO2 Enrichment kit. I use this. It has a eucalyptus smell to it. You actually don't need "the kit" you would just need the "pucks". All you do is add water to the bucket which comes in the kit but you could substitue this with a small spackle bucket or something.



    I was thinking of getting this if I end up not liking the Excellofizz. I've seen this at the local Petsmart.

    I've only been using the Excellofizz for a short time so I can't give you any definitive answer as to if it's working or not. I would like to get a meter and compare the with and without to see how much it adds to the room. It's no fuss, just drop the "puck" thing in the bucket, add 1/2 cup water and viola!! co2 will be produced with pleasant smell and it lasts approximately 8 hours (so the label says). It's also all natural
  15. Hey guys what about PAintball gun co2 tanks?

    say get a 20oz tank, put a valve on it, and let it seep very slowly.

    or say just give it a quick open for a second once a day.

    would this work?
  16. Ok, I have a twist on this post. I have an outdoor grow going into it's final stages (less than 3 weeks to go) and my small backyard is enclosed by shrubs. My thinking is that the shrubs and pot plants are fighting each other for Co2. I have been burning a small wood fire in a pit and would like to know if this is something that can help or hurt my crop. Thanks in advance for any feedback. NCB

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  17. Please, put out the barbecue unless you plan on cooking me a burger. That won't add any more or less CO2, unless it was in a closed space. You are fine with the shrub and a billion other trees. You can't get rid of the CO2, ask Al Gore. You wont lose even a single PPM of CO2 to that shrub and you will gain nothing but suspicion from that fire.

    Dood, trust me on this one.
  18. 10/4 will do. It sounded like a great idea
  19. Dam... Is that all one plant?... or am i just being dum as fucc?
  20. It looks like 2 plants to me

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