some chics r jus fucked up.

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. aight so i was at this party las night and there was alcohol there like most parties would have, but anyway to the point of my story. some chics r weird as fuck, actin totally wasted after havin like 2 shots and half a beer, but then they walk a perfectly strait line haha. one of these chics would be my ex gf, actin like a total ho (gave about 16 guys a lapdance n let em all pet on her muff n shit) n she's like "i had about 6 shits" but in reality i saw wat she drank, it equaled about 2 shots cuz it was like a wineglass half full of vodka. i don really know how much i drank cuz i jus poored half a cup of vodka (i guess thats like 4oz?) and filled the rest up wit mountain dew n i was jus sippin on some yuengling lager, but neway i'm jus totally dissin on the bitch cuz she tries denyin bein a ho by callin it "jus havin fun" haha and then she tries tellin me bout how many dicks my gf's sucked haha, but she don know nuttin. came back to my house, vomited, and went to bed. lookin back on las night i feel a really weird feeling, haha like not that bad "i cant believe i liked that chic" feeling, but weird none the less.. anybody else know any chics that r complete whores when drunk? anybody else get pissed off by em? haha cuz i certainly do, especially cuz this is the same chic i thought i "loved" about a year ago. she was prolly doin all this shit at parties when i wasnt there to, maybe thats were that weird feelin comes from.
  2. yeah sounds like typical highschool bs
  3. Sounds like a normal feeling, its something like an attachment you felt to her because you dated before, you may or may not still have feelings for her(not now:))
    But, there is a negative bond between the two of you, a bond simply put, that may be why you feel that way.

    Talk to your ex and see if you can get her to suck your dick:) fuck her one more time for the hell of it(angy sex is great,lol)

    About your current girlfriend, if she sucks your dick than there's a 99% chance its not the first dick she's sucked, lol.
    Just keepin it real here:)
    Thats not a bad thing, (for any female in general) just dont fall in love with her, thats not the type you marry but you'll want to definately hold on to her, especially if they swollow:)
    Enjoy and happy fucking!!!
    If what i say upsets you now, you'll dig what im sayin in a few years.
    Respect women, dont confuse what im saying, its a thin line.

    That'll be $150
    -Dr. Dirtdawg
  4. haha i know it aint the first dick she's sucked, she's told me all the shit but i'm jus sayin this chics goin by "wat she's heard" which must be true ya know, haha but i've "heard" alot of things bout my ex to so she got no room to talk.. haha oh well, fuck it, i think i'ma try to find a way back into giant eagle or sumthin.
  5. uh, half a wineglass full of vodka is more than two shots... and dont forget women naturually have a lower tolerance to alcohol than men. but yeah, like sensimil said, its just typical teenage behavior. Don't ever try to understand girls, wont get you anywhere, and even when they're women they can surprise ya ;)
  6. You get married and cant seem to find a damn thing where you put it:)
  7. Woa, four shots negligent? you must have been wasted man! thats so funny that the chick only drank like two, some people!
  8. ex girlfriends lil sister, drank one sip out of a beer and she was like "oh god im gonna have the worst hangover tommorow"

  9. lmfao! man, you just mad me trip out hard.

  10. haha i'll take that as bein sarcastic, but nah i wasnt even drunk, i was jus pukin haha musta been the ether i huffed earlier....
  11. GOD i cannot STAND when girls drink like a lil bit and they PRETEND to be all wasted its so obvious and so annoying!!
  12. oh yea, I have a friend like that. It used to not take much to get her drunk, like.. nothing at all hardly. now when she drinks.. she drinks. And she gets up on everyone...

    yea... she's skank. shes cool though.. just a skank. I got love for her.

    I got love for my shoes, K-SWISS.

  13. rotfl!!!!
  14. You threw up after 4 oz? Damn, and I thought I was a cheap drunk.
  15. yeah in high school i would like some chick. and the she would have 2 beers, be like "im sooo wasted" and hook up with 3 other guys, blaming it on the alc like its a good excuse. ffing beer hoes suck.
  16. Nope...I love'em. Makes me feel confident that even if I haven't hooked up all night, I still can go home with that one lol

    But still...usually I don't like girls who can't drink but do it anyway. Too much crying, babbling, etc. I like the smokers best

  17. And guys are assholes, plain and simple.

  18. yep. sez it all really sensi.

    the grosse display of gender hatred is uhh... grosse. :rolleyes:

    yeah some chics are fucked up, yeah some guys are assholes. its not gender specific. its humans. ;)
  19. l mean ya give a girl a couple of drinks then take advantage of them ???.

    ls that rape ???

    Could be...
  20. yep. gets called "date rape" in this country.

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